Friday, May 05, 2006

Slow Pokes

There's only one thing on the official ATA website that I don't like, and it's more of a backend thing than the layout or design, etc.

They can't seem to update their tournament information fast enough!

Now, I know that HQ probably gets a lot of information thrown at them all the time for completed tournaments, so it's a lot of information to keep up with. But in my mind, does it REALLY take 3-4 weeks to post information? I know at school, some of the teens compete big time, so they really want to know if they are holding their standings statewide and on the national/world level. For me, I know my standings are miniscule-- if at all--but I want to know if I have achieved top 5 in the state or not, with my tiny little one point (I'm guessing) or not. Not many people in my age and rank competing in this state, so a little could go a long way. I might tie for 3rd in sparring (go figure that) based on my 2nd place win at the interschool tournament, and I might get at least 3rd in weapons based on my regional tournament 3rd place win for the state. That would be so cool to have-- a huge accomplishment for someone who just started 8 months or so ago.

I guess in my head, because I've seen all the categories, is that you'd have some sort of MS Access or MS Excel database, just punch in the names, points, etc. and you could tally things up fairly quickly. It shouldn't take THAT long to do it. They did just update things twice this week-- usually I've noticed it only once a week--but I think that's because World Championships are coming up in about a month, so they have to know where everyone stands going in. I just hope they get their act together. That's the only drawback I see-- so far.

Next week at this time, I'll be attending a business seminar/workout with one of the senior masters of the ATA. It should be interesting. But in the meantime...more classes to get my form down!

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