Saturday, May 06, 2006

What, are you trying to kill me?

Today's class overall was good. We reviewed the form, I broke my board on the first try (front kick, super easy), got another section of the ssahg-jeh-bahng form, and sparred. All par for the course.

Part of me should know better than to go on a Saturday. For some reason, that's when they have the group really WORK. We had to run around the classroom in various ways in this zigzag pattern to get the cardio going. Well, the problem with me is that since I have exercise induced asthma, I can't run. I can't really even jog. Walk fast, absolutely, but that's not fast enough and I was already holding the class back with my slow speed as it was. I could feel my lungs starting to close up and dry out very quickly. I'm huffing and puffing, but not blowing any houses down, for sure. If anything, you could've knocked ME down. So once we stopped and we were doing stretches, I still wasn't doing too well. I knew I couldn't go get a drink of water, which for me sometimes helps, as if it were liquid oxygen going into my system. I was still breathing hard, so I could barely respond my "Yes SIR!"s, etc. I even got to the point where I was coughing, and when I get to that point, it's bad. So I was glad we were stretching, because it gave my body a chance to rest a little bit. But I was not feeling good.

The rest of the class went at a more normal, even pace, so I could kinda rest and still do what I was supposed to do. I get really annoyed with some of the color belt teenagers, especially Malachi, whom I've mentioned before. Even before class, Mr. A was giving him a little lecture that he needs to shape up, as evidentally something happened last night, and if he did okay today, then he wouldn't tell Ma'am. Let me tell you, I'm a pretty fair person, but this kid is TROUBLE. I don't know what's holding her back other than financial considerations, but this kid ought to be kicked out of our TKD school. He's disruptive, he's incredibly rude and disrespectful to EVERYONE, he gets too rough with the sparring...the list could go on. I get to the point where I'm polite yet nasty with the kid, and I'm usually pretty tolerant of most teenagers. With him, I'd really like to smack him across the mouth, and again, I'm not a person who even believes in that sort of thing with my own child. That's how bad he is. He was instructed, along with the rest of the kids (and myself), that as we were practicing our form together, that we needed to try to stay together. Of course, Malachi doesn't listen, and I tell him to SLOW DOWN. I even explain that I just learned this on Wednesday, so I don't know it well. He speeds through it. To be honest, his method is terrible. He swings through everything thinking he's Bruce Lee, but it's not proper form, really. He goes through the motions, but not where you get the true defined moves, you know what I mean? You don't have to go slow, but he doesn't have the techniques down cleanly, that's probably a better way of saying it. I tell him again, and at that point, Mr. A comes down on him, and I just declare that I'm doing things on my own, because if the group can't listen, I can't be bothered. I'm there to learn and improve. Rushing through and not being considerate of my peers is not acceptable--- it's just downright rude, especially if the peer says something. I was really ready to pull rank on the kid, because even though belt-wise I'm lower than him, due to my instructor trainee status, I'm higher than him, and being an adult alone would garner more respect. Burns my britches. I'll get the form eventually, I'm just glad I'm not in the same class as him on a regular basis.

Ssang-jeh-bahng wasn't too bad. I just have to practice. Because instead of the form and new parts we were just given, one of the better kids, Alessandro, was constantly muttering about knowing the strike lines for this weapon, and I told him it's probably almost the same as the Bahng-mah-ee or the bo staff, but rather than concentrating on what we were given, he distracted me with that. I learned a new move which was a helicopter move with a jumping turn, which looks pretty cool, but when Mr. A broke it down, it was pretty easy. Problem is I can't remember the sequence because Alessandro was distracting me. I know there's a jump kick, the helicopter move, and the lasso move in there, but in what order or if I'm missing anything else, I don't know. I'll find out next week, I'm sure.

Board break was easy. The Charters sisters (formerly known as the dweeb sisters) were playfully challenging me to do the front kick break, and they have a hard time with that one. I think that's the easiest one for me to do. POP, just like that, first try. I figured it out that because I've done SOOOOOO much work with weights using a leg press, that's probably why it's an easy one for me to do. I've had to do leg press exercises with one leg at a time with PT, so just to do the same thing but standing but no counterweights is easy. It's now given me the idea that I should practice on my Total Gym on my side to do leg press exercises, and perhaps that'll help with the elusive side kick break.

Sparring was fine. Sparred Alessandro, and he went easy on me, but we still got a good workout. Same with Winnie, who at least is closer to my height, and will definitely go easy on me. She said she was a little tired, so we didn't go at it with the same gusto, but we still got a good round going.

Now, 8 hours later as I write this, my lungs still feel tender and I still have some difficulty breathing. I just need to rest, maybe get a cortisone based inhaler in my system to help with the swelling (can't exactly ice down your lungs, but maybe that's what the water helps with, I dunno.) . I said to Mr. A I just CANNOT do that again for health reasons, and he was understanding, and said that if I needed to, I can just pull myself out and walk the running parts if needed in the future, and he'd understand. I know Ma'am understands. And if anyone questions me and thinks I'm not working hard during class hasn't watched me in class. I work hard. I might not have the speed, I might not have the strength, or the technique yet, but I do have the determination. I come, and I fully participate. I might not spar at full force, but my attention is where it needs to be. I laugh at myself a lot in class at my inability, but always work hard to do my best at the abilities I do have, and I think with the recent tournaments, that shows.


John Vesia said...

I was checking out the link to your school in Princeton. Seven instructors and sixteen ass't instructors? I'm assuming these aren't all the black belts in your school. How many total students are there? It must be in the hundreds. There are a couple of schools in my area that have upwards of a thousand students. But I don't think either one of them have over twenty black belt instructors. Your school must be doing something right. Be well.

Windsornot said...

Well, I know the info on there isn't 100% accurate. I think there are about 250-300 registered students,maybe more, but whether they all show up consistently is another story. Some of the head instructors listed aren't there anymore, and some are. Ms. Winter absolutely is there-- she's the "Ma'am" I'm always talking about. And the guy listed at the bottom, Ryan Anderson, he's "Mr. A" that I refer to ('cept he's completely bald now and has a beard and mustache instead.) I think Eric Littman is still around...when he's not in college in HI, and I know I've seen Mrs. Urso. But that's it. For the most part, the two adults who primarily teach are Ma'am and Mr. A. There are a LOT of junior (teen)instructors who have their 2nd and 3rd degree belts who teach and help out, and they are highly qualified. The number of students listed as assistant instructors is about right, but the names aren't quite right. But it's a fair sized school, and it's a good group. And those definitely are not all the black belts in our school, for sure. These are just the leadership people listed as active instructors. I know some are in leadership but don't teach, and only compete, or just get to learn the leadership aspects and forms, etc. There are also black belts who are in the Masters program rather than the Leadership program too. I think our school makes a real effort to bring out the leader in everyone, no matter what program they are in, with the idea of a person being responsible for themselves as well as the community around them. So, there are leaders even if they aren't in the leadership program, you know what I mean?