Thursday, July 06, 2006

Better night

I went to class, knowing that the odds were that Victoria was going to be teaching tonight. After the last class with her, I think I was getting more pissed off at her, and I just felt if she stepped over the line again, that was it, I was not going to mince words with her. However, she and I, along with some other people, were chit-chatting before class, and she was better today and more respectful while still being able to teach and joke around during class. We did some warmups to get our hips rotated a bit (that's easy for me), and did some kicking/balance warmups as well. Part of it was that we'd each take a turn on the balance ball (one of those half balls where it's flat on one side, and round on the other), and while balancing, we'd have to do front kicks to a pad. Dean, who I think is working on getting his 3rd degree BB and is VERY good (I'd say one of the best in the school) was helping, and he said that he could do 3 front kicks at once before losing his balance. Well, on the first side, I was lucky to get one or two in a row, but on the other side, I got 3 kicks in a row in twice. Sweet.

We then went through form. I think it was again more just getting the steps down than working on the finer points. I have to check with Ma'am about the X-cross we do with our hands to verify if it's open hand or closed hand. Victoria looked it up, but everyone I've seen do it (except Ma'am, as I haven't seen her do it), I think did it closed hand. I'll either have to look at the DVD or ask her later. We then worked on weapons, and it was mostly me working with Matthew again tonight. He's such a sweet kid. I think his Dad, who hadn't seen me work with him, was getting after Matt when he was fine. I think Matthew has come to trust me, and I think he's been starting to get the hang of some stuff. Sometimes, I think people don't think he can do stuff, but if you just take your time and work with him slowly, and set patterns, he can do it. He's really starting to remember the pattern for the bahng-mah-ee, which is great! So, in a sense, got to goof off with that and didn't have to practice my weapons in the conventional sense. Sparring went fine. Sparred one of the Charters sisters, then Matthew, and that was fine. We then did board breaking. Victoria thought I was nuts to be doing the knifehand break, and I almost did it on the first try, but I didn't rotate my hips enough. DUH. Got it on the second try. I think she was a little shaken up, as I don't think too many people do this break, especially at my level. Go me. We did a little bit of advanced kicking afterwards, and that jump kick that bashed up my knees I was able to do it. Clumsily, but I got up off the ground at least.

So, overall, it wasn't too bad tonight. I think on Saturday, I need to get up a little earlier in the day so that my muscles are a little more warmed up, and then maybe it'll be easier to participate in class. Maybe I will be ready for tournament after all. I really hope so. I'm starting to get nervous.

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