Saturday, July 08, 2006

Getting pumped

As I entered to post this...posting, I saw that I had already written 100 entries before this. Wow. I didn't think I had done that many here, but here's #101!

Today being Saturday, it's marathon day for me, hence the specialty classes. Sometimes it's still frustrating to be the only adult in a class, let alone the only woman or even the only color belt adult in the class. The sparring class is for all ages and ranks, but the other adults today were all black belt men. I sparred only one of them, otherwise I sparred mostly with some kids who were between 9-11 years old for the most part. We did more in reviewing what was legal and what was not in tournament sparring, and had a few practice rounds. One 9 year old in particular--don't know his name yet, but he's gonna be a looker when he's older-- was a little afraid to spar me. I assured him that a) since he's a black belt, he should be able to whoop my butt anyway, b) I suck at sparring, and c) size doesn't matter if you have the skills. I did go a little easy on him, size he was pretty short for his age, and I did tower over him (I'm 5'10", so I tend to tower over a lot of people anyway), and he got a couple of good hits in, so it bolstered his self confidence, so that's good.

In forms class, Malachi showed up, so there was at least someone over 13 years old there. He behaved himself for the most part. He's starting to shape up a bit, and instructors and instructor trainees are allowed to whack him if needed to get him to behave-- his parents even gave permission! But it wasn't necessary. Although to keep his back straight, MZ, who was teaching the forms class, did stick a bahng-mah-ee in his back under his belt to help him, and the littlest one in there, Joshua (who was more focused today) at age 5, thought that was very funny. It was, but more from the perspective of him sticking himself in the tushie when he didn't stand up straight and his complaining. :-P I was also trying to show him that while he might know the form, and he's not competing in the tournament with forms, the way to get points is not speed, but showing methodology, meaning, doing the steps exactly right. Speed comes with time. His form always looks sloppy. He keeps saying how much he likes speed, but again, that's not going to get him points unless his technique is good. So, I think I have the next section down now, but as usual I have to work on my stances more than the hand movements. Em was discouraging me from trying to get ahead, until MZ explained that I have to have this form down for tournament. I think I have the next section down already actually, as I read it in the manual, saw it on the training DVD, so it's just a matter of orientation since the next section is just double low block, step, jump side kick, double muscle block, and then reverse in the other direction. That's pretty simple enough. Just have to get the jump looking a lot more graceful.

Weapons class-- I don't know why I keep taking this class. Waste of time right now, since I'm doing the same thing I did for the last tournament. We each had to take a turn practicing individually in front of MZ and JZ as judges, and they would give pointers as to what we needed to change. My only criticism was that I should start standing farther back when I start. Otherwise, it was fine/good. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

Board breaking was fine. I was the only adult in the class...again. MZ said she didn't know how to stretch a board breaking class for a half hour on just one technique for each of us, but she tried. When it was finally my turn to break my board with the knifehand strike, it wasn't breaking. I knew part of the problem was that I wasn't rotating my waist enough, but even when I tried to correct that, it still wasn't coming. MZ told me that my technique was fine, that I had that, but I needed more twist in the hips in the follow through. I guess it's cool that I'm being encouraged to do this break. I could've been working on the elbow or palm heel, but since I've learned this, I guess I'm being encouraged since I suspect it's a little harder and not the regular run of the mill break like the kids.

While I didn't pass out this time or have leg problems during sparring class, and classes when fine overall, part of me really wishes that I was a black belt already, as there are always black belt adults there, but their classes are before mine, so at most I share the sparring class on Saturdays. It's not enough. Man, I have to hurry up and get that belt, and as it is, I'm suspecting that I won't actually earn it until next spring at least. Bleeh. It's a lot harder to be a black belt, I know, but part of it is just so I don't have to do this stuff with kids anymore. I don't mind helping the kids at all, but lately I've been wanting to be able to practice with others who can appreciate my time and needs as they have the same needs or at least I can be more challenged and not worry about smacking a kid down vs. an adult.

But after Wednesday, having a good class on Thursday and good classes today, I'm starting to feel a little better again about tournament. Well, as much as I'd like to win something, I just have to go and do my best, and that's all I can ask of myself. In the meantime, I have to get my butt into gear, as I am the one who is designing the Tournament program. Ma'am gave me a bunch more of entries, and I need to get on my butt to get some more, since the more in there, the more money we can give to charity, since all profits are going to charity. I have a few places in mind, so I will try to go and see what I can rouse up in fundraising. The tournament is in 3 weeks. Yikes!

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