Thursday, July 13, 2006

Let's try this again...

My computer is being a little slow tonight, and so it's showing a slight delay from my typing (crap! I had that when that happnes!), and last night I was almost done my entry when we lost power due to a thunderstorm (it only takes a few seconds, huh?), so I lost my whole entry from last night. So, I'm gong to try to cram in two days' worth of entries into one.

Both night have been fairly easy going, of which I'm glad, as I've been pretty hard driven as of late. I think I need to let up a little, and the attitude of the instructors wasn't too different. Everyone is under some pressure to cram in some way or another with something for tournament. Last night in Leadership class, since almost all of us are competing. Mr. A was leading the classes, as Ma'am is out due to having surgery on her bad shoulder finally. We had mock tournament practice, and we were split into the guys and the gals. There was more of us gals, two of us were in wheelchairs, and two of us were color belts, so that made it interesting! And although I am not certified (yet) as a corner judge, I got a chance to practice and see how it's done, and it looks like I was kinda on track on how I was observing. When it was my turn with forms and weapons, I did fairly well. I didn't have my whole form yet, so I did as much as I could. I messed up, as there was a section that had kicks and for a moment I had brain freeze and thought they were jumps instead. DUH. Big mess up. So the suggestions for me were flow and better memorization, naturally, and a little more consistency with the hand whip-locks. What I mean by that is when you do a slow move and it's kind of a flair move to whip your hand into position and lock it at the last second. I'd do it in some places and not others. All things I can fix. With weapons, it's just more hip rotation on my first strike lines, and more downward motion on a particular strike. Easy to do. So I think I'm generally in good shape.

Tonight, it was just Em, Pen, Diane T. and myself in class. That was nice, as that way, I had someone else working on my form and getting some of the steps down. Diane was about a week behind in learning the form, so she was playing catchup, but it was good review. Got some points to help with fine tuning too, so that helps. I have learned the rest of the form, and it's basically reversing the first half, so I just have to remember the order the sections go in, and keeping the direction correct. So I'm generally feeling good. I just have to do some practicing, and I feel like if I can just keep a cool head at tournament and not choke from nerves, I should do pretty decently.

Pushing onwards....

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