Saturday, July 15, 2006

Good Saturday

Overall, it was a good Saturday. I think I've figured out part of the key to getting through the 2 hours of nonstop classes. First, I need to get up a little earlier than I would for a Saturday morning. Second, not only eat breakfast, which I do anyway, but eat a banana as part of the mix. I had read something in one of the listservs that I belong to for Drew's apraxia that bananas are good for calming you down and such, and often those who have to do performances (professional musicians, athletes, etc.) will eat a banana before showtime. It's good for you too and a natural resource, so why not? I've done it the last two Saturdays, and it seems to have worked. Oh, and I also stretch at least a little bit before I go, and then get to the school early to do some stretching too. In sparring class, we first did some drills with the #1,2,3 and 4 kicks across the floor. Then we geared up, and we had one sparring match where we weren't allowed to use our hands, and had to keep moving and kicking. Another one was just hands and no feet (that one was hard, and I realize that I am really weak with my left punches), and then a regular sparring match. Fortunately, for the regular sparring match, I got to spar an adult, Karla, a 2nd degree. I got a surprise when I was informed by her that, "Jeri told me that you have some very strong kicks". See, I knew I could kick, but never thought they were strong kicks. And Jeri is that 2nd black belt that I almost defeated at the interschool tournament. Then, I ended up backing Karla up where she tripped and sprained her ankle. I felt bad, but it really wasn't my fault, it was how she decided to step back. Oh well. Maybe my sparring isn't as bad as I thought, but I still will pursue better skills. Forms are coming along. Got that new section again, and the we reviewed the rest of the form, since most in the class were going to tournament and using this Chuhng-Jung #1 like me, so that was good. I still need help with some of the directional stuff, but I think I can get it. I have a good foundation, and it's just memorization to keep it flowing, and getting the directionals and stances right, and I should be okay. We did some jump kick exercises to warm up, since it's in the form, so that helped. Weapons, piece of cake as usual. Strectches, easy drills, and Mr. A even told me that I know the first Bahng-mah-ee form super well to teach it to someone else (I have done that already too), so that's good. I ran though the weapons drill a little more, trying to get more of that hip motion/pivot in the first striking lines that Victoria mentioned to me, and Diane (who attended class with her whole family) thought it looked cool. Last was board breaking. I like board breaking classes with Mr. A, as I feel I get better drills and direction from him. When asking each person which break they were working on, he guessed correctly the knifehand strike one, with a smile. I think that not many people do that one, so that's why it's kinda cool for me to do it. I was told that I had my choice of elbow, palm heel or knifehand, and almost nobody ever does knifehand. I know I have to do an elbow for another testing break later, and I'm pretty sure that it's the same situation with the knifehand, so why not? I don't think you get more points for completing this type of break, but maybe I'd get more brownie points for it. ;-) So, did the drills on the pads and such per Mr. A's direction, and I was the last person to break. Sure enough, I'm happy to say, BAM, got it on the first try after a few practice tries. I always get excited when I break on the first try, and I think Mr. A was pretty happy about it too. Diane even complimented me by saying, "You know, that's such an impressive looking break!" :-) I can't complain.

Tournament is two weeks away. Yikes! I think I'll be ready overall. There is no board breaking, which is probably just as well. Weapons, obviously, I'm not worried about that. Just have to keep my head with it and not get cocky and focus. Forms, I'm pretty sure that I'll have it down, and will get most of the finer points in by then. I will have to practice this a lot between now and then. And sparring-- well, I think just by practicing and practicing and practicing, I'm hopefully better than the last tournament. But then again, some of my competition might be better too, so it will be interesting to see. All I can do is try, right?

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