Monday, July 17, 2006

New TV Obsession

We interrupt this blog to bring you my newest television programming discovery which I'm going to probably start getting obsessed about, and hope it doesn't compete (figurative and literally) with some of my other favorite late night programs. I was channel surfing a bit last night, and they had some show on MTV called "Final Fu". It's some sort of reality elimination thing, much like any other show like that, but what's cool about this is the start out with 30 people who are high ranking 20-somethings versed in various martial arts, and they narrow down the group to the Final Fu. Last night, they had an obstacle course which had to do with going through a maze where all these vases and pieces of china were strung together, and if you touched the line even slightly, then the vases would drop and you'd get points off, or rather time added to your final time thorugh. To make it more interesteing, there were 20 button lights you also had to turn off-- with your foot or a kick. So it was a contest about true balance and skill, so it was interesting. Then, they had a sparring session between the bottom two people. One was a TKD guy, and one was a karate guy. Rules were no hitting the head (hard for a TKD person, or at least me since that's what I'm always going for), and not below the belt. All they had on was their boxing glaves and their mouthguards-- that's it. It was interesteding to thing I noticed was that neither of them (at least in the 1st two rounds) would attempt a double kick. I'm trying to learn to do that all the time. You know, blow to the chest then head then chest, then chest. (OK, you've figured out that my kicking is my stronger point.) Even though they couldn't strike to the head, you still could get double kicks in, and I didn't see that until the 3rd round. The TKD guy won. (Yay!). I'll be watching with great interest if I can make sure it doesn't come on at a bad time and doesn't compete with some of my other favorites on TV.

I was also thinking about it, since I had been watching Supernanny for a bit last night too, and I find that both she and a few other shows where they are rehabing the family often send the kids to TKD or karate classes. I think that's great, as I think, as they show, it's a good outlet to physically get aggression out in positive way. (I know it works for me that way!). Cool that there's a nudging more towards martial arts. Just an observation.

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