Saturday, August 19, 2006

Hoping a blue wave will hit me

What kind of blue wave, you ask? Well, I'd love something to hit me whereas I will feel a total release from the pain in my back and knee so that I can better do what I need to in class. Or better yet, have it hit me so that I do spectacular at testing/graduation that I earn my blue belt on Tuesday.

The last two classes have been rather difficult. Fortunately, my instructors have not pushed me to do what I can't do, and have even made suggestions to modify things so that I can work around these injuries right now. Like Emily suggesting that instead of kneeling in my Weapons form that I toss up my weapon like the NJ State Champ did at the last tournament. It's a freestyle, after all, so I can get away with it. Point well taken! Just have to make sure not to go too crazy when I toss it. I tried it today during weapons specialty class, and it seemed to flow okay with the routine. Another adjustment was Mr. A trying to get us to learn to do two footed jumping (aka tuck up the supporting/jumping leg when doing jump kicks), and I just couldn't do it one footed. He had me start with the support of both legs, and sure enough, after showing me, THEN I could do it a little more easily. On Thursday, I could barely make it through class without wincing or gritting my teeth in pain to do a basic middle stance (the very first stance in my form). I went to the chiropractor on Friday, and felt some relief, but woke up with the stiff back again. While I now have some new exercises to help me strengthen my core more as my back heals up from the chiro, I still need to take it easy, but I know in the end, these exercises will help. I'm lucky that I have a chiropractor who is also a 1st degree BB in TKD himself, so he knows what I need! ;-) I got through Thursday class, no sparring, but didn't do as well as I would like due to the pain. I'm not overdoing it, but I can't keep still, and I need to stay on top of what's in class, even if I can't execute it all. The mind is willing, but the body is unable, as I've said before, and make sure that my instructors understand that it's not me being lazy. I probably still push myself a little bit. Today, JC used the Homedics massager for a while after I woke with the stiff back again, and that seemed to help loosen things up a little so I could function better. I think that might be a routine for a while for me, but it felt SOOOO good. Forms class today was review and fine tuning the jump kicks for the form for graduation. There were only 3 of us, 2 of them kids, and I clearly knew the form the best. I have to say, even with injuries, I think I did it the best I ever had when I had to do it solo. Too bad today wasn't testing! Weapons was good, as we got a lot of good info on wrist rotation stuff with "helicopter" drills, both vertical and horizontal. I didn't break any boards in board breaking, but got to learn how to practice an axe kick break, as well as practice a roundkick break. That one is hard, as I always seem to hit with my toes. I have the power, follow through, and rotation, but I have to angle myself differently, so I will have to learn how to make that adjustment to keep from breaking my toes. I have to say that taking the specialty classes on Saturdays has really paid off, I think. I'm feeling a lot more confident, and I really am glad that Mr. A is being promoted to being a chief instructor, as I think he's been especially critical to my improvement. And understanding of my ailments! I envy my online buddy Lucky , as he has set out to do a modified UBBT program to get in shape and help him set goals in his quest for an ATA black belt. I only wish I could do half of that, but with this back not getting better quickly, and the knee acting up more, I feel that isn't going to be possible for quite a while. :-(


John Vesia said...

They throw weapons in the air at tournaments now? Are the judges allowed to run for cover?

Axe kick for breaking - that's awfully close to the Achilles tendon upon impact, right? A dangerous kick to use in sparring; difficult to control.

I hope your back and knee improves.

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Windsornot said...

LOL-- you have a good point, John. But remember, we have the Protech padded stuff for the most part, so it's generally safe. God knows I've been bopped in the head with my numchuks (ssang-jeh-bahngs) enough times to be grateful they were padded, and yet they still hurt!

Axe kick breaking is more of a 2nd or 3rd degree thing than a color belt or 1st degree thing. I happen to have some decent flexibility left from my dancing years to get the main idea of it. I don't plan to perfect it for a while. Also learned how to do a basic butterfly kick in the last week or two, but I don't have the total coordination for that yet, and again, it's a 2nd degree move that I'm not expected to get the hang of yet. Just happened to learn it in leadership/instructor class as most in my class are 2nd degrees. I don't think I'm in a position to try either of them in sparring anytime soon, injuries or not!

The back is coming slowly but surely. I'm finding that if I use my Homedics massager on the sore spots to loosen up the muscles, I'm doing better. I do think that eventually I will have to have some sort of knee surgery, just waiting until I absolutely can't walk until I get it done. Y'know?