Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The mind is willing, the body is unable

Well, tonight was leadership class night. Ma'am was actually in tonight, and she's still recovering from her shoulder surgery, so she was a little bit limited in what she could show, as she and a few others had just gotten back from a leadership weekend. I would've liked to have done it, but time and money were an issue (when isn't it?). Besides, with the bad back and knee, I wouldn't have been able to keep up. Tonight, Ma'am was going over some drills to consider when teaching kids stuff. It was all 2nd degree level stuff, but I understood it, and it was stuff that a color belt could learn. The problem was that the mind was willing, but the body unable. Seriously. I understood what I was being told to do, but between my back, my bad knee, and my weight, I just couldn't do it. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't due to the lack of trying, that's for sure. I tried, I really did. I could kinda due a butterfly kick, but just couldn't get the height or get my base leg up other than to propel off it. Bleeh. At least for the practice drills, I was either paired up with either Alex or Jodi, and I enjoy working with them. They are both good kids, really they are. After class, when we were having the meeting time, Ma'am was going over coverage, and she announced that Mr. A was being promoted to a Chief Instructor, what with her trying to run three schools, so that's great. He's definitely earned the position, and he's good. Heck, he's the one who trained me all summer, so I know he's good. Afterwards, Ma'am asked me if I had talked to JC, and I told her that yes, we talked about it, and I can start after the school year starts. We leave on vacation in a week and a half for a weeklong vacation, and then the week after Labor Day is the first week of school, and Ma'am is taking a mini vacation that weekend after school starts, so it looks like I might be starting on September 11th. Yeah, that infamous date. Let's hope it brings me better luck.

I just wish that this back would heal up. It's been 2 1/2 weeks already, and I really thought I was okay tonight. We hardly did anything, and it still is smarting. This really sucks. Well, I'll be fine for graduation on Tuesday, I'm sure. I can do my form. I can do my weapons form, sucking it up when I do the kneeling. I can break the board. I can suck it up when sparring. Just get me through the next week, and then I can take a break and start fresh. Drew will start fresh too, starting up when September rolls around. I don't think I'm going to get all his new equipment immediately. I want to make sure that I'm not wasting $300 on new gear for nothing, you know? A lot coming up...and I sure wish my old bones and muscles would cooperate for me.

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