Saturday, August 05, 2006

I'm still here!

This is a note for my virtual buddy, John. HI! I'm still here. Thanks for posting on my other blog to see how I'm doing. I went into Blogger, and I readjusted some setting for comments. I dunno-- this is the first time Blogger has been extra flaky for me, but I've seen how some of my knitting buddies have had bigger problems. Oh well. Thanks for your comments and your concern, John! :-)

Took yet another day off from TKD today. The back is slowly getting better. I have yet another chiropractic appointment for it on Monday. I think it'll be better by class on Wednesday. I'm not in pain, but it sure doesn't feel good when I bend over a little-- even just to wash my face or brush my teeth! Thus, that's why I posted my last post, "Listening to your body"-- because mine is certainly sending me messages!

In the meantime, I may have gotten someone else interested in joining the "cult"- I mean TKD! :-P Drew and I went to a birthday party for one of his friends from his days at Music Together (he stopped going when he was 3, but we still talk to some of the families). While there, I caught up with Ginger, whose son Daniel is about 6 months younger than Drew, and the first mom and kid we met at MT all those years ago (Drew started when he was 19 months old). We hadn't seen them for more than a year, easily, so it was nice to catch up a little and see how big our boys had gotten. I happened to mention that Drew and I both take TKD now, and she knew of the ATA school-- Master C's-- in South Brunswick, and I explained that we went to Ma'am school, and that Master C is her teacher, yet Ma'am is more of a specialist with special needs kids than Master C is. Daniel does have some mild learning disabilities, but it's enough that Ginger feels that getting out of the My Gym and Music Together and into something new and a little more "grown up". She had been interested in this anyway, and fortunately, I had some referral cards with me that I gave her one, and told her to tell Ma'am that I sent them. She seemed very excited about it, and appreciative for information about the school and their program. I'm also fortunate that Ginger has always valued my opinion about things, and that things that we've discussed in the past that don't necessarily deal directly with TKD are things she understands, like the fight I had to get Drew diagnosed and get him help for his CAS and SID. She suspects now that Daniel has SID, and thinks this would help, and I know it can help, so we'll see what happens. Nobody can say that I'm not a recruiting machine of sorts when it comes to TKD!

In other news, I was disappointed to see my man Abe, who from what I can tell is one of Master C.'s students, get eliminated from Final Fu last night. He definitely put his all in it, and it was a very close race for the 4th spot. He did a good job though, and the guy he was tied with was an even match-- height, weight, and ability. And his match was none other than Justin, the other ATA guy! So at least the ATA is being represented in the next round of Final Fu. Hooray!

So, enough babbling for now. And I hope to hear from may grand legion (all 3 or 4 of you) soon! Hopefully there won't be any further issues with the Blogger comments!

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John Vesia said...

Final Fu -- we were just talking about that show today at work. My boss was telling me a woman outpointed some guy who was 6'7'' or so in fighting. I would've liked to have seen that. He was telling me the TKD people are doing pretty good in this. I only get basic cable, so I've never seen it.