Thursday, August 03, 2006

Listening to your body

Well, after lifting a lot of things that I shouldn't have, and having an eventful tournament, my body decided to remind me to slow down for a bit. While I thought my knee would be what would be troublesome, it ended up that my shoulder and back were thrown out of whack. So, I knew what I had to do on Monday morning-- go to the chiropractor. I knew the pinch in my shoulder was already travelling up my neck, and I have a trick neck as it is, lots of problems with it, so we ended up heading that problem off quickly. However, my back is still a problem. While it's been getting relief slowly from the two chiropractic visits I've had this week -- and I still have one more visit tomorrow as well -- it is still sore enough that I can't do basic things, like bend over the sink to wash my face, or lift anything more than 2 lbs. So, I just decided to take the week off from TKD. In the end, it's wiser. I can't really do much in class in this condition, and I have gone to class every single week without fail for a very long time-- I think I need a break. I should be okay by next week, hopefully. But sometimes you need to listen to your body, and mine is saying to take a little bit of time off.

So, I have still been keeping up with my martial arts interest by guessed it...watching lots of Final Fu on TV. :-) Of course, I usually root for the TKD people. I knew that there was supposed to be one contestant who was an ATA guy from here in NJ, but I wasn't sure who it was, as Jodi told me his name, but evidentally he's going by an abbreviated version of it, and I didn't make the connection. But I had kinda figured it out from a) knowing that this guy was a TKD guy, and b) watching him fight, I could tell from HOW he fought that he probably was they guy. There was another guy there too whom I noticed had a similar style or at least it looked like ATA style. I went onto the website for the show (it was on MTV2, not MTV), and it turns out I had picked them both out. Abe is the ATA guy Jodi mentioned. It turns out that he hails from East Brunswick, NJ, which is just an half hour from me. It is also likely that he trained --or currently trains-- with Master Capobianco, who is Ma'am's instructor, and thus the founder of our Princeton school, as her first school was started in East Brunswick. (Her second school is in South Brunswick, and it's actually a little closer to us than the Princeton school.) I think Justin, who is the other ATA guy, is from CA. So, I pegged the two ATA guys. How cool is that? I'm enjoying watching the show, and trying to learn some things from it.

So, until next week...unless something exciting happens in the meantime....

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