Friday, September 29, 2006

OK, the ranting and rambling is done...for now.

I wrote an email to SW to let her know my concerns. She called this morning on her way somewhere, and we discussed the contents of said email. I apologized for rambling a bit in it, and in the meantime, this morning I was finally able to find the missing folders. But she agreed with the principle in what I was saying about getting "the house" in order because it's a business, didn't feel I was rambling at all, and agreed about how we need to get the kids to get with the program. She told me that she is thrilled that I want to go to the lengths that I am to get her school in better shape business-wise and my whole attitude. She wants to have a staff meeting between Ryan, me and herself on Tuesday to smooth out some other stuff, because a few minutes after Leadership class on Wednesdays is not enough. I hope we'll be able to work out some further kinks. There are some things which I am sure I am lacking in, but she told me this morning that there are elements that Ryan lacks in that we need to talk about, and come up with some solutions.

I have to say, these days, it seems like even my "free time" is that which I end up working too. I ended up inadvertently showing the kids in Tiny Tigers today stuff with the Jahng Bong (and of course, Drew was the one who wasn't paying attention and goofing off :-S) and I shouldn't have been doing it-- Ben should've been doing it. Then Ryan gets me to help him with a few things in signing up a new student. I know that tomorrow, SW will be in, but we have *5* people coming in for intro classes, and between her, me and Rachel will be in, I'll end up working more than working out. :-S Hey, as long as I get my forms class in, I'll consider myself lucky, although Ryan said he'd work with me during some of the time that he and I are there together before classes actually start to review stuff if I need it. I even know that on Graduation Day for Drew (yes, he finally gets to promote to Yellow Recommended aka Orange/Yellow Belt!), I'm going to be working behind the desk. Hopefully if we can pull in some more recruits tomorrow, I think we may be in good shape and I might just get my first commission/bonus. Problem is, I don't know how much it is! Let's hope it's decent money, especially for the extra time beyond my regular hours that I've been putting in lately.

Drew is coming along with his class. He was extra tired today, and didn't want to go to class, but I made him, and he got through most of it with minimal problems, although he started to melt down at the end. I actually got to be a TKD mom on the sidelines for most of the class time for a change, which was nice as I got to chit chat with one of the moms I've gotten to know. I was trying to figure out how to crochet (and still can't figure it out, but that's for one of my other blogs), but I did look up and watch him now and then. I think he's definitely one of those kids who does better a) when I don't watch, and b)when I don't teach him. Like almost any kid, he doesn't always respond well when I'm trying to give instructions, and I think it's better if someone else shows him. He has pretty strong moves in his form, when he's not doing it too slow that he gets bored and starts wiggling around. Same with his one-steps. He shows a strong punch, and a fairly well executed kick when needed. Fortunately with graduation, until they are 7 years old (so he's got help for the next two years thankfully), he does it along with the instructor during the "testing". I think he'll do really well this time around. I don't think he should try to do weapons during graduation. It might be freestyle, but he can't even do his striking lines without Ben assisting him (he won't let me assist him or try to learn from me), and since it's not required at his level, it's just as well. For me, it's not required, but I still do it so that it's routine for me by the time I HAVE to do it. And besides, from what I understand, I'm learning the 1st degree forms and then adding a few of my own flourishes anyhow. But anyway, he's still enjoying breaking boards, and he is PHIERCE (as in fierce with the PH, so PHEAR him!) with his sparring. He spars kids who are bigger and older than him, and he has them backing away. Heh heh. Even the mom I was chit chatting with thought he was a younger sibling as he seemed to have that je ne sais quoi to be able to hold his own and stand his ground. Her son is 7 and is the same size as Drew! Or I should say that Drew is 5 and the same size as her 7 year old. Drew is very tall for his age, and here he is, technically the youngest in the Master's group for sparring, etc. and he's holding his own so far. It's pretty cool.

Well, off to bed after this little writing jaunt. Tomorrow is going to be a busy morning at the ATA for Drew and I. I might just have to have JC pick him up early or something, depending on what I have to do. Thank goodness I have a slight breather on Monday, as the school is closed for Yom Kippur.

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