Friday, September 08, 2006

Successful return

Today was Drew's first class back to the ATA. We had postponed it for the last two days, and I told him that we really needed to get moving. So, I sent him to Kindergarten in an ATA t-shirt (Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays are t-shirt days at our school), and as soon as he got off the bus, he walked about 12 feet to the car and had to jump in immediately so I could get him to class. We made it with just enough time to visit the bathroom and change from his shorts to his uniform pants and orange belt. I paid attention to most of the class, as I did help out a new parent with a uniform problem. (Heck, starting my new job alrady in a manner of speaking.) Also entered the cards into the attendance and filed them to help out a little, since I know how to do that. What I did see during drills and stretches was that Drew was holding his own, and I didn't hear anyone disciplining him like usual. He actually was getting the hang of the sidekick and roundkick drills with chambering his leg like it was on the table, etc. He got a little upset with his partner at one point because the OTHER kid was kicking too hard and was being rowdy. There's something for you! When it was time to learn forms, Mr. Lee, who helps only on Fridays and also teaches the XMA stuff (very nice guy), showed the kids the form and first one step (Songahm #2 and the 1st one-step), as well as the basics of standing correctly and bowing correctly, etc. His style is a little different from Mr. A's or Ma'ams, and somehow Drew LOVED him. Drew was actually executing his form rather well for the most part, and he was paying attention, and he told me that he liked Mr. Lee's class. So, I guess Drew's weekday class is going to be Fridays instead of Wednesdays. Oh well. We'll figure it out. I guess no one had been told that Drew was upgrading to Masters class. I had told Ma'am, but I don't know if she put in for it, etc. So, I'll work it out with her when she gets back. I have to remember to call Sharon to see if she's still willing to sell or give us her daughter's old gear for sparring. I know that Jodi said that if she can find it, Drew can have her old bo-staff from when she was a kid. So that would be a BIG saving for buying all this stuff, even though I saved up for it. And since it had been a long day for Drew, and it was rather busy tonight, Mr. A and Drew decided to wait for new gear until tomorrow. That was fine by me. Drew was happy with his progress tonight, and he even got a special slap me five from Mr. A who said that he still had some wiggles, but it was MUCH better today than he had ever seen, and I had to agree. Drew still got distracted a little, and was still a little restless sometimes, but he was much better than he's ever been, and I can only see him improving from here. Goes to show what a little maturity and a summer off can do sometimes. :-)


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John Vesia said...

It seems Drew did so well in class because he was enjoying himself. You mentioned he really liked the instructor, which probably had alot to do with it.