Saturday, October 07, 2006

Mixed Bag, or how to do TKD with not enough sleep

Drew and I had class today. Drew could've gone to class yesterday, it turns out, because his grandfather's plane was hours late, but we didn't know until the last minute, and there was no time to get over to class. Oh well. So, today, both Drew and I went to our usual classes. I was a wussy and sat out of sparring class because a) I really don't enjoy it, especially since sparring for a half hour doesn't help my asthma much and I tired easily from it, and b) heck, I don't have to if I don't want to, and I didn't want to. But Drew took class. He's the smallest one in there, but he loves it. Mr. A was doing his best to stress and emphasize in class the idea of control, yet this is a concept that Drew still has a difficult time grasping. It's not that he doesn't understand it at all, but some aspects of it elude him still, perhaps because he's socially immature for a 5 year old. However, I think one of the best compliments that he's gotten yet was a little black belt kid who's at least twice his age told me randomly that he thought Drew was really good. That was kinda cool to hear.

So, after sparring, Drew sat out, and I did forms class. The oldest two people in the class were me, and Alessandro, who's about 13 I think. All the other kids were under 10 years old, which can be frustrating. But, I got the review I needed. Ben was helping out, and he said I had it, but I felt that my reverse hook kick is, well, not pretty. He said there was nothing wrong with it, but it feels awkward when I do it. I know I slow down to do it as correctly as possible, but it still doesn't feel like it looks good when I execute the kick. I was pretty tired after the class though, having to keep slow control so the younger kids could keep up. Bleeh. But at least I got the review I needed for testing. Then weapons class. Slightly peeved again, as I am having trouble with the form at the end, and that's why I came to class. Now, I can have Ryan show me almost anytime when he and I are there together before classes and before I leave for work, but you know, this is why I come to Saturday classes. So, as usual, I end up showing the two little kids and reviewing strike lines and the form, but I get stuck at the point that I usually get, so I'm no help to them, let alone myself. Ptooey!

Drew went off to start his regular class, and I went to board breaking class. Since my permission to test break was done, I figured that I ought to start working on the breaks for the next cycle. I remember an elbow break being required, so worked on that. I ended up paired with JZ, someone I'm not too fond of, to say the least. He's very insistent on this stomp thing, which is stomping your foot when you step forward for the break and getting the hand-foot timing together as you break. I personally think the actualy stomp part is unnecessary, but fine, I'll do it to shut him up. Well, when it came time for me to break with the elbow break, I did it his way, and BAM! Right through the first time. Sweet. I don't think it's his method. I just had to get into the swing and rhythm of doing elbow breaks again.

Drew, in the meantime, had a meltdown during his class. I got two different stories of what happened, but I'm not sure which version I should believe. Em, who was helping, said that another girl did her back fist in the form into Drew's back by accident, and of course, it hurt and he needed to take a break, and Em was sweet enough to be sitting with him trying to soothe him. But according to another kid's mom, Drew was being extra antsy today and not controlling his actions too well, so the little girl was subtely getting back at him. I dunno. Either scenario is not good, and I have no reason to doubt either person. I guess I'll have to ask Ryan on Monday what happened for sure. I'm sure a lot of it had to do with the fact that Drew was very tired, and at the same time he's fired up and excited when he's in class, so it might have been a bad combination. Who knows.

Let's hope that testing week goes better. I have a couple of classes I can squeeze in before I test, and I'm sure that Drew's as good as it gets for now. (SIGH) It's not easy being a mom of a rambuctious youngster sometimes! :-S

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John Vesia said...

Reverse hook kick - that's a tough one for me. Too slow. Forward leg hook is better for sparring. Personally I like the spin around hook kick. It's fast, and the spin gives it some extra power.