Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Get the Oxygen mask -- STAT!

Okay, maybe it wasn't quite THAT bad, but if I hadn't paced myself a little bit, I think I would have been needing medical attention, for sure. Call it being out of shape, call it being the victim of exercised induced asthma, call it what you will. Ma'am worked us into a tizzying sweat tonight. Even those who usually can keep up and are the fittest in the class were looking and feeling wiped out. So in that respect, it was a good class!

Actually, I should back up, since I taught yesterday, and then took two classes today. My cubs class was okay. It was J the troublemaker's birthday as it were, so I tried to make a slight fuss and at the same time tell him that we're upping the ante now that he's not the little kid in the class anymore. Overall, I think the kids are doing okay, so that's good. I tried something using smaller hoops to get them to learn how to punch more correctly, and it seemed to work, so I'm glad about that. I followed up with S's mom, as they are on a trial program, to see if they would be signing up so that he can graduate, and as she was in a hurry, but not impolite, she said that next week when the trial ended would be his last week. :-( I was really sad about that, as I really did think that he would keep going. Oh well. Can't say I didn't try.

I've been having problems whereby I still haven't kicked my cold from last month 100%. My lungs are still slightly inflamed and congested, so to do a hard, cardio workout, well, doesn't help, but rather hurts, literally and figuratively. I'm coughing more now, and my chest feels tight. And to think, I take something everyday for this, and it doesn't help much, or I imagine it could be worse. :-S

This morning it was just Winnie and me. Winnie and I used to do Tuesday afternoon classes together until I was the only one who showed up consistently, and then the class got cancelled. I almost would've liked to have had a private lesson today, but such is life. I still did fine. I think I did better this morning as I probably had more energy and I didn't have to rush things as much. But in the end, my morning and evening classes were more or less the same as to what we did for drills and such. Evidentally SW has been paying attention to what BB and Master C have been doing in their classes, and wanted to apply it to us, and I got double treatment today. We started out just doing a series of round kicks of 10 on each side, starting with #1s, then #2s, then #3s. Then we had to do a sparring/kicking drill on the wavemasters, and we had to rush through. I think that's when I started to run out of steam. we then did board breaks, with foot gear on (which I didn't think helped me, but then again, I was rushing through it. I can do it). Then we sparred. I was lucky that I was odd man out for one round, working on the bag where in my exhaustion I just punched it several times and threw a kick in here and there. I think my sparring's a little better, as I'm starting to do more of the get out of the way instead of making too many offense moves and less defense moves, trying to figure out how to fake someone else out, and waiting for them to fake me out-- that sort of thing. I was EXHAUSTED. We then got to practice our forms, and I worked with a tween in the evening, who is a little stick of a thing, and doesn't seem to have much of a personality. Not unfriendly or anything, but just rather bland in personality. She and I reviewed our forms the way I had to this morning, which was starting in four different directions, meaning, each time we started the form, we had to face a different wall. The point of that was that you should be able to do your form facing any direction, not just the front of the room. I could do it, but in my old age I would get disoriented sometimes. But having done the exercise twice today, I think I have the form down pretty well, that's for sure. It's a relatively easy form now. I haven't had to work on one steps since I do sparring, especially at my level, so that's good. And I'm still working on the kama routine. I was showing SW what I was working on, and she made some suggestions to throw in a block, and a cool looking pullback move, so I will have to work on it. Sweet.

There are times that I have been questioning what I have gotten myself into with this whole adventure. I don't think that feeling has ever stopped, but rather changed in dimension, if that makes sense. I still wonder if it's worth me following this path or not. And time will tell where it's taking me. I guess I just have to persevere.


frotoe said...

It is hard to do kata facing different directions!. Sometimes we have to do them with everyone in the class facing a different direction. its ridiculously confusing for the directionally challanged.

Windsornot said...

I'm used to doing forms where within the form, we are changing directions anyway (Songahm TKD is based on moving along a star configuration, and each form moves on different sections of the star). That's one thing-- but to learn all of those moves starting facing, say, the front of the classroom, then having to do the same thing starting with facing the back, then the sides of the room-- not that easy! Funny how the mind plays tricks on you, when it's all the same exact thing!

Brittney said...

I found you by way of Miss Chris. Love your blog :-)

Next semester I'm starting the TKD class at my univeristy. I'll still be training at my regualr dojang (not ATA), but will be jumping into the Uni's advanced class (which is ATA). I'm nervous about the difference in training.

Mind if I link my blog to yours?