Friday, December 01, 2006

Getting through the week before graduation.

It's been a busy week, and this weekend will be busier. Wednesday's classes were fine, almost nothing really to write about. In the morning class, Sandy came, and it's always fun to have her come in from the other school, as the other ladies in that class tend to be a little too serious sometimes, and while Sandy and I are serious about our martial arts, we also know how to have fun with what we are learning and enjoy the experience. Man, if I don't know my forms and the form I made up for my kata by now, I shouldn't be allowed to do anything! I think the only critique that I had about my form was head turning-- turning it quickly to anticipate the next move. Something small, but easily fixed. The leadership class was mostly just reviewing things, as most of the people in there were going to be competing tomorrow in the regional tournament, so they needed some practice time. As a result of most of them being there and not working tomorrow, I'll be working instead. I'd be there anyway because of Drew's classes and mine (although I keep pulling out of many because of Drew interrupting them due to his own class that goes on simultaneously (I have to get him out of the back office to start class, and then he needs help with getting his sparring gear on and off. Geez.). So, since I'd be there anyway, and it turned out that I had to take a shortened work day today due to having to show my house to potential buyers during the time I'd normally be at work, it all evens out. I even have to start Drew's regular class tomorrow, as Ryan will still be finishing up the weapons class! (I'd be taking that, but that's one of the classes where I get interrupted. :-S) So, might as well help out, because there's no one else to do that except me, and with some direction, I can help get things started.

Today, in the meantime, I went to get Drew so I could get back to work early and work on some stuff. A slightly futile thing to do. I am having a hard time with the printer to work the way I want it too, and I end up wasting a lot of specialty paper for a project that I have to do. Bleeh. Michelle and Rachel were in, as well as Ryan, and the former two were trying to work on an XMA form for Michelle. They were having a hard time with music, and I had my MP3 player with me, played a few tunes that I had been thinking about, and lo and behold, I found something that they liked. I'm sure it was a little surprising to them that someone 20 years older than them had music that they liked and worked with what they were doing, but they were happy when I had a copy of the same song on a CD that I had made for Drew, and they borrow and made a copy for the competition tomorrow at the tournament. :-) Glad I could help! Drew was having a hard time, and having a total meltdown before class even started. Ryan wasn't too happy, but hey, I can't help it sometimes. I can't control my kid. Getting him a snack at the convenience store next door helped, so I think he was feeling better once he had something in his stomach. I went to work on my project in the office, and at one point I saw Drew sitting on the side of the mats. I went over and asked him why he was there, and he said that he wasn't in trouble, but he was tired and didn't want to do his forms, so he asked if he could sit, so he was. At least he was behaving himself. He didn't feel like putting on full gear for sparring either, so I had him ask Ben (who was instructing that part of class) if he could "noodle" spar. (For those who are saying, "huh?", we cut those swimming noodles into pieces, and use those with the kids to learn how to block, so one kid will gently swing the noodle towards one side or the other, and the opponent would use the appropriate high block move to counter it.) Ben said it was fine, and he was behaving himself. Later, he seemed to be okay with board breaking and weapons from what I could see, so I think he just needed the break, and I was happy that he was being a little more mature (vs when he had his meltdown earlier) to say that he needed a break and he behaved when he was granted it and didn't cause any problems in the process. Hopefully that's a step towards maturity. He was thrilled when he received a certificate at the end of class for his last rank bump up. He was very proud he had a certificate! He's only had one other. I guess I take them for granted, now that's I've had 6 or 7 of them now. The only one that matters to me right now is one I haven't gotten yet, which will be when I get my black belt. ;-) Oh, and I do have to add that I think I have found the incentive for Drew to progress. After next week, he only has one more cycle in which he has to be in the White/Orange/Yellow (aka the beginner stuff) curriculum. He's only been doing it for more than a year now! He was watching the upper color belt class (the one I should be in if I took class on Fridays), and since Mr. Lee was teaching it, he liked what he saw. In many respects, it was the usual thing that I do, with the exception of a running drill that I probably couldn't manage between my knee and my asthma, but he could, and he was thrilled with the drills. So, now that he had a chance to see-- and have me point out-- what lay ahead of him, that gave him more incentive to move on, I think. He'll finally be getting his yellow belt next week. It was only a year and a half to get it (if you don't include the summer break he took)! Once he completes this next cycle, then he can be bumped up to upper level color belt, and he and I can take some classes together, as we'll be learning the same material. I just hope he's up to the task!

So, busy weekend ahead. I'm just realizing that I may have a scheduling conflict with graduation for me and writing up a possible sales contract for my house! Yikes! SW will understand if I need to reschedule it. But bleeh, I want to do it with everyone else, darn it! Last time I did it at Pennington due to a scheduling conflict. Maybe I can go earlier on the Saturday that Drew goes, or at the same time as his. I'll have to see how it all shapes up. :-S

November is finally over, and I think things are starting to take a turn. Or else, there is a movement towards change of how things are done, whether at home or at work. SW is doing a lot to change how things are done. She has some prospects of things going on that will hopefully improve her situation, and the situation at the school altogether, which would be a good thing. We'll see how it all pans out. If it ends up that with SW being at the school more often that she doesn't need me (which she hasn't said that she won't need me, but she is working towards being at the school more often hopefully this winter), that wouldn't be a tragedy. I thought earlier this month it would be, but I think in retrospect, I'd be okay. If I have to find something else, that's fine. I've just decided to not fret about it anymore. There are times that my job is fun, and there are other times it's not, and I'm not paid a whole helluva lot, so it might be for the better if I have to move on. Maybe once this whole house selling nonsense is over and there is some stability on her end, then it'll be easier to keep a more peaceful mind, body and soul about things.

So...I have to concentrate on my graduation for now. Not only preparing for it, but also possibly rescheduling it! :-S

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