Friday, January 05, 2007

How do you get a 5 year old to focus???

I am SOOOOO frustrated with Drew. He has the skills, but lacks the patience and focus. OK, so I understand how boring it is for him to still be in the W/O/Y class and doing S#1 when he's only a few weeks short of testing for the camo belt, where he can finally move into more challenging stuff and be with the bigger kids. S#1 doesn't have any jump kicks or cool moves at all. It's the first form, after all. I'm taking classes with him so that he can just get through and the instructors don't have to be disciplining him constantly (I'd be doing it more). He acts strangely. Part of him wants to do stuff with Mommy, and yet he'll still goof off and act up with the instructors. He will barely even walk through the forms stuff. I finally made a row with just him and me, and tried to see if I could make him see that as one of the two high ranks in that class (and I'm ranked significantly higher), that we could show that we could knock this form out of the park and do it perfectly in front of the other kids. He didn't bite, except for maybe a total of one minute-- literally. He was just plain difficult for 90% of the time. He was asked to leave the floor once, perhaps even twice. Oh, he's frustrating, and I'm his mother!! He finally got through where he broke his board, then had to work on his SJB. He misplaced it, and I think we eventually found it, but I'm not sure. He was goofing off so much before class, and I'm not sure if we marked his or not. We found a pair like his, so I'm assuming they are his. :-S We'll find them eventually. Anyhow, he gave up after a little while, and he only had about 5 more minutes of SJB training left. I think if he gets too bored or overwhelmed with something new (or both), he gives up easily. I mean, how frustrating is that?

I just don't know what to do with him anymore. I'm really at a loss. Disciplining him doesn't work. Being nice to him doesn't work. Bargaining with him doesn't work. NOTHING works. I am open to suggestions. The only thing I can think of is helping him put things in perspective, and have him see how many weeks he has until graduation, and that might help him understand that he really doesn't have far to go. I just keep telling me to hang on, just get through this cycle, and things will get better with the new stuff.

I was even talking to Ben tonight, and he agreed. He said Drew has awesome moves and killer kicks, especially jump kicks for his age, and the thing he lacks right now is focus. He agreed also and sympathized with Drew that he's at the end of a long road to get where he is, and he's doing the easiest stuff right now, so he's bound to get bored. I understand that too. But if Drew just focused, man, he'd blow everyone away, and he'd be awesome! But no, he doesn't.

Like I said, I'm frustrated, and I don't know what to do to motivate him. Like I said, I do understand his frustration, but I know if he just pushes through until mid-February, he'll get to where he wants to be, a camo belt recommended (aka half yellow-half camo) and working with the big guns, so to speak.

(SIGH) (bangs head against the wall-- ouch)

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