Monday, January 08, 2007

I need to get serious and start brainstorming

Unexpectedly (as she didn't tell me she was coming in today, but hey, it's her business, she can do whatever she wants after all), SW came in and we got a lot done. It was a busy day! She is really doing her best to get out of the funk caused by the last quarter being so difficult, and taking on a go-get'em attitude, which is hard to keep up with sometimes! But that's okay. I think we were both in a funk for the last couple of months for different reasons, and we have reasons now to look ahead and hope for the best with some efforts in our personal lives as well.

The interesting tidbit that I had to share here tonight, before I forgot, was that I found out I could use a certain weapon, which I don't even know how to use yet, for XMA competition, but not for traditional weapons. The sword. We are having a single-edge sword seminar on the 20th, which I am attending. I think I mentioned that I asked SW not to pay me next pay period so as to pay for the sword, and she said no problem. I was telling her how SM was asking me what weapons I was going to use for the big tourney in March, and how I really didn't think it mattered, and that's when she happened to mention that as a color belt, I could use the sword for XMA, but not the traditional weapons competition. That could work out. Maybe do kamas for traditional, and the sword for the XMA. That would be sweet! So, I will have a LOT vested in the basics of sword use from that seminar on the 20th. I'm sure I can come up with some choreography for it once I get some basic stuff. And as I mentioned, I still have to come up with any XMA choreography at all. I think I really have to settle on some music for each soon. I know with my dance background, I can come up with something, but what? I need to be able to do something that will dazzle, but something that's not TOO complicated to remember, and that will showcase my skills, not just my showmanship. But having a sword when nobody else is likely to have that? That in itself would be priceless!

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