Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Losing my crescent kicks

Today was double duty day, as usual, having class in the morning, and instructor class at night. Plus SW was in, and when she's in, a lot ends up getting done together, or at least I have more to do when she's in, and that's fine. We are almost done with learning our form, and I think I will be okay with it. I am grateful that at my level, while I don't have to do the one-steps for testing, we are still shown them as skill enhancers, if you will. Oh man, that's when it happened, and I thought it was due to just not being stretched out or because winter finally hit this area (we had our first snow flurries all season!), but I think there's more to it.

In two of the one-steps, there are reverse outer crescent kicks. Well, I always thought I did crescent kicks decently. Not today. They were just not happening. Upon reflection, I think there are a few reasons for that. A) I'm not as flexible when I haven't stretched out, and I hadn't stretched. B) As mentioned, the weather has gone from 70F over the past weekend, down to the low 30F range, to the point we even saw those flurries, and since the heater wasn't working well, it was rather cold in the do-jahng today, and my old bones are not loosening up that quickly with the cold. C)I hadn't done reverse crescent kicks before, and I think I have to figure out how to execute them better. They were coming out as awesome reverse hook kicks (thank God they aren't in the form for competition purposes!), but lousy outer crescents. D) I think that despite taking it easy on my knee, even wearing a knee brace during class, I'm afraid of doing damage to my knee. I never hesitated before I knew how bad my knee really was, but now I'm scared to do things. I know I still need to get it checked by the orthopedist, etc. but still... and finally E)maybe the holidays got me too fat and lazy that I just need to get my butt moving!

Hey, at least I realize my faults, especially in point E), but nonetheless, I'm concerned about how hesitant I am to some extent, and that I'm unable to execute those moves even somewhat effectively. I felt like an old lady more than ever, and that's not right. I'm annoyed at myself for now with that, so I think I need to think about making some changes. I need to be in really good condition for March's tournaments. Yes, they are in March, but you have to start somewhere.

In the meantime, Drew is excited about a prospect in his Saturday class. We had given out the gift certificates for the school to all his classmates for the holidays, and of all people, his best friend there, Fayiz, decided to take us up on it. He gets a free month and free uniform, and if they decide to join up sooner than later, then they get a discount from their down payment to get started. SW told me that Fayiz did really well, and his parents were open to him taking classes, and that he'd probably take the class on Saturday that Drew is in. Hooray! When I told Drew, he was happy about it. I told SW that I talked to Drew about it, but I spoke to Drew that having Fayiz in class was not for him to play and goof off, but rather for Drew to have fun with his best friend, and to help him learn and help teach him how to do stuff. SW thought that was a good approach, of having Drew assist in teaching Fayiz, as a means of getting him involved in class. We'll see if it works! I expressed my concern that Drew is lacking focus in class, but at least she pointed out that it's also his age and the fact that he's a boy. I'm glad she sees it that way. So, let's hope that Fayiz starting up will be the booster Drew needs to be motivated in class again.

Moving along....


Colleen said...

I'm new here and am also a martial artist. Just wanted to say hi and good luck at the tournament. :)

Windsornot said...

Hi Colleen, and welcome!

John Vesia said...

About your crescent kicks - I would say it's a combination of the things you mentioned: the cold, and lack of a warm-up stretch. Crescent kicks are great for scoring to the head, but they can wreak havoc on the hamstrings if you're not prepared for them. You might want to lay off of those for a while anyway if your knee is acting up.