Thursday, February 01, 2007

Back in action! aka I love my chiropractor

You've been reading how I've been wracked with pain from a bad pull in my back for several weeks. I really wondered what was going to finally make it better, I was in so much pain. 8 days ago, I finally went into see my chiropractor. At first, for the 1st two visits, it was a regular adjustment. While I felt some temporary relief, it wasn't really getting that much better. Finally, this past Monday, one of the two guys I see (they practice together), who is a sports chiropractor and has taken continuing ed courses on sports physiology-- and it doesn't hurt that he's a 1st degree black belt that stopped but understands what I do-- said that I was worse instead of better (I felt it too). So upon further, or detailed examination, he found that the 3 muscles that hurt, which were right above my left tushie cheek, were not only sprained, but had formed some adhesions. Not good. So, he did some stuff whereby he had me do some very specific stretches while he manipulated those muscles to loosen up. On Monday night, I was still not feeling great, but when I woke the next day, I felt MUCH better. So yesterday, I went in again, and he did the regular adjustment AND these same massage stretch things. And man, I feel almost back to normal! So much so, I felt that within reason, I was able to not only do my regular work, but get this...I actually took *3* classes yesterday. That's right-- you read that correctly. THREE. I took my morning class right after the adjustment, and then two two classes back to back in the evening. I did start to peter out a little towards the end of the 3rd class, but I only quit about 3-4 minutes before everyone else did. I even got some sparring in, and for someone that's been out of sparring for about 3-4 weeks, I think I held my own! I was finally able to get those sidekicks going again, and while I'm still not 100%, I'm significantly better enough that I feel I can truly start training now for the tournaments in March.

I do have the form down now, that's for sure. I just have to keep the neurons fired up to remember the sequences of each segment, but I know it. Since I'm still recovering from the back injury, I'm sort of relearning the sidekicks in this form, just because my balance was off and such before. I think some of my hand stuff is getting better, although I need to check on that. I also have my SSJB routine down. I really didn't do much with it this cycle, and that's my weakest weapon, but maybe the next time, I'll have her order the matching SJB and I'll start learning doubles. Although I still have to get some of the other release moves down, but nobody bothers to teach them to me lately, so I'm not worried about it. It's still not required at this stage of the game, so it's just for brownie points if nothing else. I was realizing that my wrists need a lot of warming up and I need to practice my kamas more. I have no problem with forward wrist rolls, it's the reverse ones that I have problems with. I'm also starting to think that perhaps I should consider doing kamas for XMA, but I'm not sure still. We'll be starting Sword soon enough in Leadership next cycle, so I might still be able to pull something off. We'll see.

I just felt really good being able to workout and practice more normally than I have in weeks. It felt REALLY good. I was tired, naturally, but my back doesn't hurt quite as much, and it was bearable. Ma'am also told me not to overdo it, and believe me, I didn't.

One of the classes I took was the 7 PM class, which I haven't taken in a while. I figured that I really wasn't going to be able to get a class in on Saturday with me working. It actually wasn't bad, because it was just a little more intense than my morning classes (I'm the youngest in my morning class, go figure! Everyone else in there who's a regular is over 50!) as there was a mix of teens and tweens in there. I think I was the only adult in that class, but most of those kids know me and they're used to me, even if it's been a long absence since I've been in there. So, in that respect, it was a good class. And instructor class was good too. Most of the time, since many of the instructors were practicing for weapons recertificiation which is this Saturday (hence why I have to work this Saturday instead of taking class, since all of them will be at the cert camp), so I worked on my form and my weapons a bit. So all in all, it was good yesterday.

I think what's going on right now is that there's a dilemma brewing, specifically with me working at the school. Nothing much has changed, although we are doing better, but financially, it's not working out too well anymore. While I was very upset the last time the idea of me giving up working at the ATA came up, I am not as upset about it this time. There are aspects of working there that I like, and some that I don't. There are times that I feel like a dumb blonde (even though my hair is currently auburn instead of blonde), and other days that I feel like my days are wasted there as I know that the work that I do for some things, especially the computer related stuff, I'd be paid a LOT more for doing that stuff. We found out that we are going to be in bigger financial straits than expected now that our old house is sold, and sold for a lot less than we anticipated. I need to find out that if I continue to work on my black belt, and start truly studying the forms, one-steps and all so that I can try to certify as an instructor (no, a REAL instructor vs. what I'm doing now), I'll see if the pay is better for that than it is now. That might help make up the difference in the long run, I don't know. I guess I'll have to ask. Extracting myself from the business end of things will be difficult if I find something else, but only time will tell. I don't know how or what I'm going to do just yet, but I have to start doing something. Perhaps after I've finished the tourneys next month, I can think more about it.

Now that I'm feeling better with my back, I started today with trying to eat better, and I'm hoping that I can start with more regular training, so that I can not only lose some weight, but also so that I can perform at my best levels. Here's hoping I can keep it up!

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Miss Chris said...

Glad to read that you had good luck with your chiropractor. We have a karate student who is a chiro. and needless to say...we keep him in business.