Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Decisions Made

Well, after extensive talking to Drew, even in front of his dad and such, Drew just would not let up. I explained that we'd have to go to bed VERY early on Friday and get up while it's still dark, and that it's very far away, and a lot of people and too crowded, etc. But he didn't care. He wants to go to that tournament and get a trophy. At least for him, just showing up he more or less gets a trophy due to where he's at due to his age-- until he turns 7, he's a Tiny Tiger, and they only have to do half the form, and they do it with help, and everyone gets a trophy. He's never sparred during a tourney before except for last weekend, but I think if I just remind him to use control and no face hitting, he'll be okay. He's watched Mom's bouts, so he knows what to expect more or less.

So, as of tonight, Drew is signed up for his first "A" tournament. It'll be my first "A" tournament too, and because of the sheer number of people expected, I'm nervous that my ring will be very big, and thus my chances of placing well will be diminished.

This morning's class, I decided that I didn't want to fall behind on my form or weapons for this cycle, so we did that. Class was only 3 of us, probably due to the bad weather, although we three (Winnie, Evelyn and I) are usually pretty consistent about coming. Form is coming along, as it's been done before, so if anything, for the moment, it's just refreshers by section. But then I worked on my sword. Man, that is harder than it looks. I think I have the basic idea of how cuts are supposed to work, but it's getting the combination of which blocks and strikes and how the footing is done that's throwing me off. Bleeh! That's one that I definitely have to practice, but hopefully while RA is a good teacher for it, I felt like I got more from Gary when he taught one Saturday, so I'm sure I'll rely on him quite a bit too. I'll get it by graduation, I'm sure. I was told that the only other person in leadership who decided to do sword is the same boy I worked with that Saturday. No pressure-- no, really! Nobody else is doing it, so there is less stress on me, as the kid won't be doing it at graduation with me, 'cause he's a kid, and typically I wouldn't do a graduation with the kids (but rather the other adults). And since it's a freestyle, if I goof up the form, only those high ranks (which even then it's not many) who know Gumdo would know that I goofed up the form. So that helps. But I still want to get it right. I'll concentrate on it more after this tournament.

Tonight, since so many people in the instructor class are going to the tournament on Saturday, it was a practice night, and I figured it would be, so I saved my practice for that until tonight. We reviewed S#2 and IW#1 (my form, and one of the forms Drew has done 100 times, and I did at one time too). Nobody in class had any problems with S#1 stuff, including the one-steps. Heck, for once I actually remembered them to some degree with less help! IW#1 is the form I'm working on, and other than RA since he's teaching it so much, I was the only one who knew most of it. OK, it's because I'm relearning it, sure, but most people in class didn't remember at all. Even the sections that I hadn't relearned yet came back to me pretty easily. This was the form I had to learn when I made the leap from beginner to intermediate color belt levels, and I struggled with it, so believe me, I remember it. I think it was also what I may have competed with at this same tournament last year, so yeah, I'd remember a lot of it. After we reviewed that, we all split up in different directions to work on whatever we had to for our forms. SW asked what I'd be working on, and I assured her that I was working on the form that we completed last cycle, and she was reassured with that, and said that I probably didn't need help with reviewing weapons, as she "saw the scores from the interschool and you seem to know what you are doing with that." She said something to that effect, which meant that she saw the high scores I got, so she felt confident with that. (Although I did practice after class, and RA made one extra pointer which is an easy fix and I'm confident will help.) So, I worked on my form. Two problems, one of which I don't know how I can fix it. The first problem was an easy one to fix, which was that I didn't know it, but I was not turning my back foot forward for a front stance at one point. Old ballet habits, but easily fixed. I just have to be conscious of it, as stances is a big thing that they are harping on these days in class, and it turns out ATA-wide. The other I can't fix as easily, and it's another weird ballet habit that no matter how I try, I can't break. For some reason, when I do a round kick on my right side, and I flatten my foot into that 90 degree angle, and I pull my toes back as I toes spread out like I have duck toes or something. It's bizarre! I don't seem to do it as much on the left side, so it's not as noticeable, but on the right side it's horrid! And no matter how I try, I just can't tighten up my toes. I asked SW if I could put some tape around my toes during competition, and she said sure. So don't be surprised if I bring some medical tape to tape up my toes! LOL (No, seriously, I probably will do it!) Otherwise, I didn't hear too much criticism. I think the trick will be really getting into a mental zone on Saturday, whereby I can just try to relax, walk around, chill out, focus on what I'm doing, just kinda go Zen. Do some knitting while I wait, something like that. I just don't want to space cadet on my form again. That's my fear-- adrenaline will get the best of me again. I can't have that happen.

Now, if I don't place, that's fine. I don't know how many people I will be competing against. I only know of one, namely Sandy, but I know more or less what she's been working on. People come from all over for this one, as much as 300+ miles away, so I don't know who or how many I'll be competing against until my ring is called. Yikes. I don't look forward to that. I expect it to be a large group. I hope it's not. I certainly want to place, but call me the Irish cynic that I was raised to be, prepare for the worse and hope for the best. You can't do any more than that, and as long as I try my best, that's what competition is all about.

So, now there are two competitors going to the "A" Regional. One is under more pressure than the other, but it will be a great challenge on Saturday. Hopefully it won't be so bad. At least the weather will be better than last year. Last year, it was cold and POURING rain by the buckets. This year, it's supposed to be in the 50s and cloudy. That's an improvement, at least. If I have to go out and get some fresh air, then I can do it without getting drenched or cold. And it'll be easier with driving out there too.

Two days and counting. We have to get through Drew practicing tomorrow. :-S Should be interesting.

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blackbeltmama said...

Good for him that he has that sense of competition about him. I am just not into tournaments at all.