Saturday, March 31, 2007

Women think too much

Women think too much, or so says SW, especially when it comes to doing board breaks. We all make more of a conscious effort to make sure we remember all the details of what we need to do to make the break. I am one of those women who definitely do it WAY too much, and sure enough, while I do have to think some, the less I think about it, the better I do.

I went to specialty classes again, trying to work on my sword and board break. Well, the time was wasted for the sword - again! - and Alex S was supposed to be helping. Despite being a 3rd degree, he's not disciplined enough to really be helping, and he didn't know what he was supposed to be doing. I was paired up with 2 other smaller kids, one of whom knew the form (heck, he taught me!), and the other one who was easily distracted, and didn't know it. Rather than drill us on segments, Alex just goofed off, and naturally being one of the two adults in class (Sandy had come, and she was doing JB), I had to steer the kids into working on the segments. The problem is that I'm getting NOTHING out of that if *I* am the one who is directing the kids, and I'm there to learn! (grumble grumble) I truly wonder why I bother going. Well, next cycle, I'll go back to doing SJB again, and I stink at that, but maybe I can start to work on doubles, and I'll order a second one. I dunno. I'll talk to SW, as technically, I don't need to learn doubles until later. I just get bored and need a challenge, and I don't have to know SJB drills until the cycle after that, and I don't want to learn Sam-Dong-Bong just yet. To me, that's a 2nd degree weapons, and heck, I'm happy enough learning 1st degree stuff. Okay, sshang nat might be a 2nd degree weapon for all I know, but that one comes a little more easily to me. ;-)

Board breaking was a little better. Sandy stayed for that too, and Winnie was there as well, so there were 3 adults there for a change. So, we alternated in doing drills together, which worked. SW was there to help, and the thing that still gets me is that Winnie, while she does look very skinny and frail, ACTS like she is frail. She didn't think she could deal with me kicking a big pad for sidekick practices without me knocking her down. Sandy, in contrast, is much more confident and not afraid, as 5th degrees (her instructors at Pennington) are not afraid to throw their weight against her, so she's had good practice (that's like the practice I have with the teens and guys in my classes!). I worked up to the RJSK, and I had to make sure my heel was hitting the pad. But when Winnie was holding the pad (we were taking turns), all I could do was just touch the pad with my heel. At least with Sandy, I could put a little force into it. We asked Bill if he'd come over and help, as I went last to do my breaks. I made sure I did both, just so I had the rhythm of it. Sandy and Winnie held the board for the elbow break, and SW and Bill did for the foot break. [Edit: I stand corrected-- Sandy and Bill held the foot break, and Winnie and SW held the elbow break. Thanks for the correction, Sandy! You are da bomb!]The other thing I did, partially for my own confidence and because I'd have to practice on it anyway at some point, I broke the foot board using wood. I'm telling 'ya, wood is SOOOOOOOO much easier to break. This is when, after a few practices, SW told the others just to lock it out, because I'd think too much if I didn't just do it-- I was ready. So I did the elbow break- BAM! - and made sure that I ran up at a slight angle. As I ran, I just kept in mind, "Use your heel and follow through!" The board was at least almost head level, which is good. Sure enough, I got the momentum and did the right body shift, got the heel on and "BAM!" It went through. Oh, I was happy! I mean, I'm not a small person, not only due to height, but due to weight too. For me to defy gravity enough to pull that off, and break it on the first try, well, I was excited! I think doing it on wood made a HUGE difference over doing it on plastic. Although, interestingly enough, I almost made the break dead center on the board (it was just a little off center) and it was almost as clean a break as you can make.

So I'm pleased about that, and a little relieved that I DO have the ability to do it, I just have to follow through and remember to use my heel and not the ball of my foot. Hooray!

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Anonymous said...

Yup, you rock. Awesome break. And actually it was *me* and Bill who held the board for the running side kick, and SW and Winnie for the elbow. Gotta take credit where I can for not being a wimp. There are some downsides to the 5th degree young men teaching my classes, but one of the upsides is they don't hold back. Well actually I think they DO hold back but even them going "easy" is like other people going all out. So anyway, in our classes we are encouraged to kick those pads with all we've got. It's just the way it is at my school. lol Anyway awesome break and in my opinion, it would have broken plastic. It was a good, hard, well-aimed and well-timed kick.
Love, Sandy (Oceandirt)