Wednesday, March 28, 2007

You will respect mah authoritah! (Think South Park's Cartman)

Morning class went okay today. SW is picking apart each section and making improvements. The fixes she made today were because I was losing my balance and I couldn't figure out why. Theoretically, I should do well on this form because I've done it before, but I feel like I suck eggs at it. Of course, that's probably why she's trying to help me, and also knowing that I'll have to do this form in a few weeks for the B tourney.

Then, when it was time to work on weapons, I went to get my sword, which I keep with the JBs, which in turn are kept in two large bins. There was the scabbard, but no sword. What the heck? I searched high and low, and couldn't find it. I was none too happy. Those things, even if they are plastic, aren't cheap! I was able to borrow another, but you know, it's the principle of the thing. More on that in a moment.

To finish, it was time to board break. Funny how I'm the lowest rank in my morning class, and yet I'm the only student who knows how to hold a board for someone else! (And there are two 2nd degrees in that class of four!) So, anyway, I got a chance to practice my break, which is actually a double break. I have to do a reverse elbow, then a run-jump-sidekick. Well, I have no problem with the reverse elbow. When I did it today, I didn't break it because I missed-- they moved the board on me! :-S The RJSK is the problem. I don't kick! SW said that my run-jump part is fine. At first, I wasn't putting my heel on the board, and then, once I did that, then I wasn't kicking through. She added that most of the time, people have a harder time with the run-jump part than the kick, and it's the reverse with me. I can get my positioning and chamber for the kick just fine. It's the follow through on the kick that I need to do. She did also say that one of my attempts, had it been on wood rather than the plastic board, would've broken. We agreed that the best course of action, just as a confidence builder, (and I have to do this for the testing break anyway), is to purchase some wood boards, and just work on wood instead for now.

Anyway, that was the bulk of morning class. I spent part of my work afternoon trying to find my sword, and then discovered that Drew's JB was missing too! What the heck? I left a note for SW when she came back later about the missing weapons, and she was able to find both. My sword somehow got mixed in with Aikido stuff (how the heck did that happen?) and Drew's JB was supposedly in the bin after all. I know mine is there, but I swear I didn't see his in either bin, and I checked twice. Maybe my eyes are getting older than I thought! I'm just glad that everything was found, because just between those two weapons alone are worth over $100 together!

Tonight's class was fine. We are now in this mode of doing some instruction stuff for the first 10-15 minutes, working on our individual stuff, then taking the last 15 minutes for a staff meeting. I did work on my form and my sword again. I put the points of correction into my form, and SW noticed and said it looked much better, so that's good. I also got a little help on the sword again tonight. It just isn't coming as easily to me as some of the other weapons. I think a lot of it has to do with the footwork, oddly enough. If I have the footing correct, then the corresponding hand positions with the sword seem to fall into place a little better. Oh well.

It was interesting tonight-- other than myself, the only color belt, and one 3rd degree - Jodi, everyone there was a 2nd degree black belt. There are no 1st degrees in there at all! Well, that will change in October, most likely. ;-)

I am ready for a break, and I know that Spring Break time for the schools is next week. While I'm not working, I wouldn't mind a break from classes myself (TKD school is still open), but my board break with that RJSK needs so much work, and I need to feel confident with my form, at least for graduation, if not for the tournament the weekend before. I mean, I know I'd pass, because she knows I know it, but she's going to be more critical. But I hate this form. Bring on the Chuhng Jung forms. I like them better. After all, I'm going to be doing CJ#2 for 4 months after June until I graduate to black belt. I am SOOOO ready to move on with my new information. But at this point, I don't have time for the break. Not yet, at least. I have to get through the tournament and the graduation, and then we'll talk.

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