Monday, May 07, 2007

Check it out now!

The red arrows are for me, and the green arrows are for Sandy.
NJ State Stats 050407
ATA NJ State Stats for Color Belts 30-39 as of 5/4/2007

WOO-HOO! I have worked hard at that! Sandy has done very well too, and had she been able to go to the last interschool, she could've easily tied for 3rd in Weapons. I think she did much better overall than I did, considering that this was her first season competing, and she started about 6 months ago. We didn't expect to see the stats for the woman named "Dawn" on there. We're not sure who she is, but we think she's the woman who beat both of us at the last regional and came in first at the big A tournament. She might not have had her leadership status as of the A tourney, hence why she doesn't have the points to reflect that win.

But WOW! It looks like I'm poised to be a state champ! I've never been a state champ, let alone a champ, in just about anything on this level. So many people in my school take these rankings and their former state champ positions (or current one, depending on who it is) for granted. I don't. I worked pretty hard for this one. And I came from behind, since the 2nd place person was at Nationals last year, from what we can figure, and had megapoints for one competition. I went to three regionals, and 4 interschools. I would've gone to more regionals if I could, but had some conflicts. Penelope reminded me that it ain't over until it's over, as the tallies could continue until the end of May. :-S Don't tell me that! Hence, why I said I'm poised to win. I really am excited.

Sandy and I were already talking about the next season, which starts in June. We are both in a slight dilemma, as we will only be color belts for a short time before we are competing as black belts. But, as I pointed out to her, I don't think the main person who had all those points (Deborah D) competes anymore, as she hasn't been around for a while at any of the last few regionals. Not to say she might not pop up at Nationals again, but who knows? Even so, Sandy started out in December, almost halfway through the season, and still ranked 2nd in two categories, and almost tied for 3rd in the other one. Who's to say that either of us might not do as well in our first year of competition? I have only a slight chance, as of August I will be 39 (Yikes!), and will only be able to compete as a black belt 30-something for a few months before being bumped to the 40-something group. So, we'll see what happens.

But had to share! :-P


John Vesia said...

Congrats on your placings! It looks like weapons are your forte. You really don't hear a lot about traditional weapons in TKD - sparring steals all the press, I suppose. You mentioned nunchaku and I think the bo (I forgot the Korean names) that you've practiced - do you have a favorite?

Windsornot said...

Well, there are actually several weapons that are used, and I don't always know the Japanese names! LOL! There the nunchaku or Ssahng-Jeh-Bang, there's the Bahng Mah Ee which is the short stick, there's the bo staff or Jahng bang, there's the Sam Dong Bang, which is the three section short stick/staffs, and theres the kamas or ssahng nat. Thusfar, I think my favorite is the kamas/sshang nat. Nunchaku are not easy for me, although I think I'm improving with that, and that will take time. The BME is the first weapon that I really got the hang of, and I like that one too, but it's not that "flashy". The Bo is great, but again, I'm not that wonderfully proficient on it yet. This is not to say that I'm THAT proficient at the kamas, but it was the first double weapon that I used, and I don't just made sense. This is not to say it's come easy to me, as I still have problems with my left hand coordinating with my right hand for alternating rolls (one hand rolling down while the other rolls up)at the same time. But yeah, I kinda made the same assessment, that weapons seem to be my forte. I wouldn't have guessed that when I started!

Lucky said...

Woo-Hoo! You go girl!