Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Done for the week!

Well, as far as classes. I feel like a slight slacker. Last week, the first week of the cycle, instead of working on new material, I worked on the old form and my SN routine for the interschool. Because I won't be around for the weekend, doing something with my son tomorrow night, and I missed class this morning as I shifted my work schedule around to accomodate an interview, I did a double class tonight. It wasn't too bad. I was pretty tired, and I took out my contacts prematurely today (wore them for the interview today), because I can't see a thing without my glasses, and I can't wear my glasses with my headgear on, so I felt a little loopy when I first put them back on again. I learned the first two sections (again) of IW#2, and it's coming back. Or, let's put it this way, the first section came right back, then second I didn't remember, but it came VERY easily. It was a piece of cake! I even realized I was doing something wrong because it felt wrong, and after asking for the correction, turns out my instincts were right. Maybe I am becoming a black belt in the making after all.

Instructor class was fun, because we had two new additions! Kristin and Megan C. joined the class, as they have applied for leadership! Hooray! I know their mom wanted them in, but with them, I think they waited until they hit black belt level and felt comfortable that they made it that far. These girls started out so shy and timid, and while they still are to some degree, they have certainly started to emerge out of their chrysalis to become martial arts butterflies. :-) I've worked with these girls for quite a while now. I think being part of the leadership program will give them more confidence as time goes on. I think they had a good time in class, where they saw it was different than the regular classes they've been attending all this time, and they were told upfront that there were no pressures on them to suddenly be expected to be instructors at this point. Being that belt wise I'm lower but collar wise I'm higher, I think they will feel comfortable knowing they are not entirely the bottom of the barrel, so to speak. They know they can lean on me too.

I also had the opportunity, after learning some sparring drill techniques, to practice what I had learned in class earlier with my form, but also finally learn something with the DSJB (double ssahng-jeh-bang or double numchucks). I learned 3 drills. The first one was basically doing the V-strike with both at once, three times. The second involved tucking each under an armpit, then rolling it back and starting over three times. The third was taking both together to swing in a V over my left shoulder, then down and over the right shoulder, and then separate and doing the drill from the second drill only once. So far, so good. It's pretty easy. (You know, one of these days, I should take video and post it!) So I felt good doing something else. It keeps it challenging, at least, or at least different. Next cycle is going to be so boring, I'm sure, so gotta keep it real while I can! So that was good.

Ironically enough, I just realized that I hadn't worked on my board break this week. Oh well! There's always next week.

So, that's it for this week's classes! While I will still be going to work (unless a last minute interview comes up), no more classes for a bit. I'll be walking my feet off on Saturday at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival (don't laugh! I'm a knitter, so it makes total sense!),so I'll still have my exercise. ;-)

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Definitely post a video some time!