Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Confidence restored

Just a short post, as I'm bored at work (did my "to-do" list), but do want to share. I'd normally wait until later, since Drew has another class, and today is triple class day. (Yes, I take 3 classes in one day. I know, glutton for punishment.)

Today, feeling better then last week, I was able to get more accomplished. My knees are still bothering me something fierce, but I think it will be okay, since I've officially changed my board break. Now, normally, you wouldn't do that, but after yesterday's discussion with SW, I was glad she approved, and was ready to help me get into the swing of it in class today.

It turns out, as I described how I predicted my break would be, that THIS will work! My roundkick break with my left is much stronger now that when I had to use it to break for rank before (thankfully!), and with a slight foot adjustment on my foot positioning when I land, I can spin around and make that reverse side kick. So, I practiced on wood, naturally, since I want to test on that (and I'm allowed to choose), and worked on the round kick first. No problem. Still have that, which is good considering I haven't done it in quite a while. Then there was the setup for the reverse sidekick. SW is incredibly skilled in giving directions on what to do and how to tweak what you are doing. First try, missed the board entirely! I knew as I did it that I didn't pivot enough around and didn't kick straight back. Second try, I made contact, but it was off center too much. Third time was the charm. POP! It broke about as close as you can get down the middle on a first try. SW was pleased too, as she pointed out that considering that this was the first time doing this break, to break it on the 3rd try was pretty good. And so with that, my confidence is restored in myself, and I have a new board break combo to work on that I'm sure will be ready for testing in a month. SW did point out too that I think too much when I break, so she was directing me to just keep moving.

More later...but YAY!

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