Saturday, January 12, 2008

Bribery CAN work!

Drew's been sick lately. It wasn't until very recently-- and by the DENTIST, no less, -- that we figured out what was going on with his health. He's finally on the upswing again, so I had made him promise that since he had missed so many TKD classes lately due to his illnesses, that he had to go to Saturday classes today. Just so as not to push my luck, I told him that he only had to attend forms specialty class, and not sparring, weapons or board breaking. He was fine with that. But the agreement was, too, that if he wanted, I would attend class with him, and that's what he wanted. Okay, I could do that. It's only Songham #5. Been there, done that.

So, we went off to class. I had to remind him about behaving in class today and listening, keeping his hands to himself, etc. I also told him that if he behaved, then we could go to the convenience store next store after class and get a juice or ice tea. Well, that was not enough, so I broke down and promised him something I rarely do-- I promised him some candy. Now, just so you know, while like any kid he loves candy, he rarely gets it, so this would be a major treat if he succeeded. It was either that or going for fast food for lunch, and I figured the candy would be better than artery clogging french fries.

We went to class. He loves gathering the attendance cards, and did that very well remembering to say to the other kids getting the cards in their rows, "Thank you sir!" and bowing. And I think since I was in class, he liked bowing directly to me when we bow to the parents in the kids' class (as a sign of respect for them bringing us to class). I was then put with another adult in the class, who technically, if he hadn't taken several breaks, should have gotten his black belt WAY ahead of me, but he's still a red belt. (heh heh) Anyhow, turns out his son and Drew were paired up for warm up drills right in front of us, so we could keep an eye on them. Drew was antsy in class, but he was doing well with his kicks and holding the pads and such. Then, we were working on reverse side kicks. The first time you are doing it, it is a little bit of a difficult concept in what direction to go, how to shift your feet, etc. While BP was teaching class, he had RA, EL, and JK in class assisting, and so RA helped Drew get the hang of it. Once he helped Drew understand what he had to do, he did a beautiful reverse side, and I think he was pleased with himself. We then learned the segment which had to do with a back fist in a middle stance, stepping into the "T" to prepare for a sidekick, landing back in a middle stance with a twin low block, then twin inner forearm block. After doing that a few times, then we put the first segments together with it. I think that now that I have an 81 step form, a 34 step form is pretty easy. Guess that's experience talking for you! Drew had his wiggly moments, but generally, he kept to task, and with a few nudgings from me, he paid attention. BP said he was impressed when Drew answered up with the answer to what the next step was when we reverse the combination (always have to learn things on both side, right?). When we also were working on getting the kicks up high, he liked getting the praise of when he got his kicks up high, and got them up with correct body positioning.

So, while he had his moments, they weren't that bad. I think he was either distracted or excited when he had the moments, and that's not too bad, in comparision to the last few classes he's had, he had a really successful day. I think he felt good, and I felt good about it. Now that he's feeling better and back to himself, and had a good day in TKD, I think future classes will be a little better again.

And in case you are curious, he chose Wonka Chewy Gobstoppers. ;-)

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