Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The magic of endorphins

Life is a little rough right now. Drew's been sick on and off for weeks, and due to that, it's stressful. Add to that trying to find a new job, juggling work and regular home life, then it's really stressful. Just today alone, I had to take Drew to the dentist because he was having problems in his mouth, and it turns out it's stuff the doctor should've caught the other day when I took him there. (Needless to say, I love my dentist for spending more time and figuring out the problem than the MD, who wasn't our regular MD, didn't.) That was a big chunk of my time this morning, and I missed class this morning. I went to work, did some stuff that was asked of me, went home, and encountered a very grumpy boy coming off the bus. He went to play, but then he fell, and that set the ball in motion for things to get worse. A tired, grumpy boy was more tired and grumpy than usual. That did not make life easy. To make matters worse, I get a phone call from SW that there are internet/website problems, and she wants me to figure out how to fix it. WHAH...? So, it took me an hour to get to the bottom of the problem, and the answers were pretty. Talk about adding fuel to the fire. I had already decided not to take Drew to TKD, because while he could do the movements, I didn't think he was well enough, at least with his attitude and grumpies that he would benefit from class, and I'd also be sparing the students and instructors in that class from his...issues of the day.

Needless to say, I was stressed enough that I was starting to cry in the car, because frankly, I really need a break, and there's no end in sight. If anything, it's going to get worse before it gets better.

So, I step into class, and it was a fairly large class. Mr. Blue Belt was in class, but SW was teaching, so I was glad when she paired me with another woman, SM, who I've known before, but hasn't been in class lately, and is a camo belt. Being that SM and I are both fluffy gals, it was a good match, because there was no pressure to do miraculously. Because it was a big class, and I was the only 1BD in there, as usual, I had to work on my own. Nothing new there. Because SW was running around taking care of everyone else, I was lucky that RA was there, which he hasn't been in a long time. (I think he was because he needs the practice time, as he's testing for his 3rd degree in February.) So he helped me a bit with the transitions I was having trouble with, and gave me the last part of the form. So now I have the whole form! Now, I have about a month to get it down well enough to at least be passable. I will be doing this same form for the next two years (okay, a little less than that if I don't take any breaks), so I think there's time for getting the nuances down and such. I didn't want to work on my weapon simply because I think my form needs more work. When we got to board breaking, Mr. Blue Belt tried to hold a board for someone else. I don't know why he thought he could do it. I was originally going to help SW, but since I was one of the few people in there that knows how to hold boards correctly (or I know more about it than most in that class), I held for the practices, and AS helped me hold for the break of this one person who was trying the dreaded run-jump-sidekick break. Now, AS is a 3BD. He should know - even better than I - how to hold a board. But no. I was the "expert" this time. Fortunately, SW came over to help the student (a transfer adult from S. Brunswick, whom I actually have talked to and like), and there was no criticism of my holding, so I was fine. :-) For myself, since I'm still trying to figure out what to do, I wanted to try a new board break. This break is a reverse side jump kick. In breaking it down, it's not too bad, and SW was helping me get the feel for it. I see what I have to work on in just getting the reverse side kick down first, and then we'll add the jump. Not too shabby. Sparring wasn't too bad. I sparred two younger kids today, and the first girl, oh, I could tell she was really tired, as she usually has twice as much spunk as usual, and tonight, she barely punches or threw any kicks. The second one was a boy who I've worked with before, and I think I was wearing him down tonight too. I was even teasing him, trying to get his gumption up with, "Hey, Mrs. V is bugging me...I can't let that happen!", as if I was his inner thoughts talking aloud. He took in in stride and good humor, as he should. He knows I wasn't being mean, just being silly. So, it worked out okay.

Instruction class was just a matter of us practicing the one steps for Songahm #1. AS, again, as a 3BD, should be a lot more focused, and should definitely know a #2 front kick from a #1 front kick! Eesh. Sometimes you have to reel him in, and get him back on track, way too often. He's 15, but he's as bad as a 5 year old sometimes. Afterwards, being that there were a lot more 1BDs in this class, I was able to practice my form, and get some help from the C sisters, who are truly watching my back in getting the form down. ;-) When everyone else was working on weapons, I just continued on my form. I'll get it down, eventually. This needs more work than my SJB form. I already figured out my freestyle that I add at the end of the SJB form next cycle, so there you go. My regular form is not hard, but it's not easy either. Good thing that get to work on it for a long time!

In the end, by the time class ended, between working out and being around my friends there, I felt better. For those who do any kind of exercise regularly, they know about the endorphin high that often happens from working out. As much as I didn't really feel like going to class tonight, between not feeling that well both physically and emotionally, I'm glad I went. I still have the same problems, and still feel as bad, but don't feel as down about it, if that makes any sense. It was the boost I needed to get me through the rest of the night. That, and watching Project Runway when I got home. ;-)

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