Wednesday, February 13, 2008

All hail the new green belt! (Photos included!)

Tonight was testing night. I normally don't go at the same testing time as Drew, which is for the camo-black kids. I usually go with the teens and adults. But I decided to cut myself a break, and with SW's permission, I came at the same time as Drew tonight. I'm not the only parent who does it, but I think it was a first for me, at least doing it that way at this school. (I did do a testing at the same time with him at Pennington once, but that was quite a while ago.)

For me, it was just a midterm. Midterm #2 (of 12) to be exact. So all I do is progress forward. The next midterm is one that "counts" more, as that's when SW has to send scores on that one.

But let's talk about Drew first, because it was more his night. For most testings/graduations, he's been hesitant to go. He's even acted up in the middle of testings as well. Tonight was a night where he really showed a lot more poise than he ever has, if you ask me. He was part of the second group up, as there were only two Tiny Tigers, himself and a tiny little 4 year old girl who was the same rank. (She started very early, as her big brother is a black belt.)

Drew was doing his moves so fast, that the camera was catching him as if he was a ghost! Look!
There's a good palm heel...

He's super fast!

Even with his weapon, you have to watch the little ninja...

Then, there was the sparring:

Drew sparring. He's in the back facing us. Keep in mind that the kid that Drew is sparring just got his red belt tonight (about 4 belts/5 cycles ahead), and he's 2 years older than him too!Love Drew's dance moves towards the end. :-P

As I was helping Drew get his gear off as quickly and hurriedly as I could, I was called up for my testing for my midterm. Well, I had to run, and with my asthma being extra bad right now due to the bad weather we've been having the last few days, running was not good. I barely got my breath, and I was having to go almost straight into my form. I was set up to "perform" with two little boys who were at the same midterm. I just decided that I would go at my own rate. I didn't even pay attention to them, because most of the time, those kids are racing ahead of me, and damn it if they couldn't just wait for me to be done, if need be. Well, lo and behold, I ended up finishing before them. It wasn't perfect, but it flowed for the most part, and it was fine. It hurt for me to hold my last stance due to my knees (my knees went commando, aka no knee brace so I had flexibility for the night) until she gave me the go-ahead to stand at ease. With weapons, I think the trick was, believe it or not, making sure that my sleeves were rolled up enough so my SJB wouldn't get caught in them! But I took my time, made all my catches, and that went smoothly. And again, I still beat the kids to finish. Oh, I know, it's not a race, but I was surprised that I finished as quickly as I did. Then it was off to sparring on the back floor, in which I had to spar an adult green belt guy. It wasn't much of a spar, especially since I was keeping in mind that I needed to back off for the lower ranks. I'm sure I did fine. I was totally exhausted by the end, the asthma being no help.

Once it was all said and done, it was time for the promotions, and SW handed awarded Drew his green belt:
Getting his new green belt.

Afterwards, Drew was trying to tie his new belt on himself. Here, he's trying to show me what needed to be done.
"Mom, can you help me tie this?"

Hooray! It's tied!

In the end, we have a very proud, very happy new Green Belt!
Drew showing off his new belt!

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Becky said...

Congratulations to Drew! He looks so good in green!