Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I'm no Karate Kid, at least not yet

I'm still not used to my work routine, so by the end of the day, I'm really wiped out. Tonight was the first Wednesday in a LOOOOONG time that Drew didn't go to classes (he's going on Saturday instead) and only I went for my doubled up classes. Sure enough, unlike yesterday, Drew's class was sparsely attended, and it would've been better had he come today in comparison to the total chaos from yesterday. Oh well. For me, classes were about the same as usual. I do think I have my form down fairly decently, for what it's worth, other than having the ki-haps. They are the icing on the cake, so to speak, to me. I'm more worried about what my body is doing more than my voice. I also discovered that I need to roll up my jacket sleeves one more notch so that my SJB doesn't get caught on them. I'm glad that next cycle I get to add on a 20 second freestyle to it, because I'm otherwise bored with the form (we all know my big distaste for the SJB), and I just want to move ahead to the BME. Most people don't like the BME, but I don't mind it. Still like the SN best, but unless I start working on an XMA routine, I don't get to study it again formally until I'm a second degree. Anyhow, we did a practice graduation, and I think I did alright. I got no commentary, so I suppose it was fine, except the messups in the SJB with the sleeve, but otherwise, I think she knows that I know the information. I did hold double boards for a brown belt, SM, who was doing his permission to test tonight. I was the only gal holding, but I was fine. I had a good partner to hold with me, PT.

When it came to be my turn, I decided to practice the upset knifehand again, but try it open handed, not like the hammer fist version. I was told my technique was good, but I needed more speed. Okay, no problem. And then WHACK! (No, that wasn't a break.) I attacked that board, missed the line (it was the plastic, but had done it with a lot of force that it hurt my hand. Turns out, I did it wrong. I hit it with the outside of the knuckle by my pinkie (turn your hand with your palm facing up, and it's the outside of that pinkie knuckle), where I should have used that PLUS the whole rest of the side of my hand. Um, ouch! As soon as she had me close my fist and do it like a hammerfist again, BAM! It went through. I was told it was not only the part of my hand that I hit was wrong, but I need to angle my hand a little more to ensure that I'm using that correct part of the hand. Bleeh! My hand was swelling up, and I can still move my pinkie, thankfully, but not easily, depending on the task. I did take my double Motrin for the pain and swelling, and it seems to be working. I broke the same part of my knuckle about 18 years ago, but with my other hand, so I have a pretty good idea of how that feels. This isn't as bad. I couldn't move my hand at all that time. I think this is just a really bad bruise, at least right now. We'll see how I am in the morning, but I think I need to lay off that break for a while!

Instructor class has something interesting. SW got a new "freestyle" form from one of the senior masters, because a lot of kids end up repeating the same "freestyle" form over and over (Drew is one of them), and they get bored doing it every other or every three cycles or so. It was definitely an interesting form! I don't technically have to learn it unless I'm helping to teach it, but hey, it helps me help Drew if he ever wants to master it. It's a form he'll like. All I'll say is that there are a few new moves for the kids, including a shoulder roll, which we think they'll like! I think Drew will like it.

So, have you ever seen that scene in Karate Kid II when they are in the bar and they are trying to break all those sheets of ice in betting, and Daniel-san breaks all of them? Well, that's the break I'm working on. Evidentally, I'm still working on that first sheet of ice. Could've used it for this hand, that's for sure. :-S

Oh well. There's always something to work on. I want to feel like I can break all the sheets, even if I'm only breaking one board, y'know?

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John Vesia said...

We practice a variety of the open-handed techniques for some of our basics and forms, but rarely on the pads, let alone for breaks. Most schools don't train enough with the knife and spear-hand techniques. Take it easy with those breaks.