Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Chivarly is not dead, I guess.

You know how I said in my last post that I'd be taking a little break from TKD for financial reasons? Well, it's amazing how things can change in 3 days.

This evening, I took Drew to his usual TKD class. Now, a few days ago, I had left SW the March payment check for Drew and a note to explain why I was only paying one tuition for a while with most of the back story. I mean, none of it was SO personal, and she is my friend as well as my ex-boss, so she knew that I was trustworthy in what I said, and hadn't steered her wrong before. So, as I came in with Drew, she asked me to come into her office. She was in a good mood, fortunately, and I knew she probably wanted to talk about the note. I just figured that she'd say something like, "Thanks for telling me, no problem, just let me know when you are ready to start back." And that would've been fine. But then she threw me for a little loop there.

She just told me that she understood what was going on, and that I shouldn't worry about it, just keep coming in for training. She said if needed, we could work something out later, but she didn't want me to give up my training just because I couldn't pay right now. I asked her if she was sure, because it wasn't like I HAD to give up TKD-- I volunteered, as sometimes you just have to make some sacrifices for a while for your family, and this seemed like an easy one for me. She assured me that she understood, and in some ways, I was preaching to the choir. She knows me well enough that she can trust me, that I would never take advantage of her, so I'm sure that's why she extended the offer to train and just pay to the best of my ability when I can. I knew it was good not to burn my bridges when I left, and to behave myself until the end!

So, as much as I thought I was going to take a break (and kinda looking forward to it), I guess I'm not. But, at the same time, I think I might still cut back a little bit. My knee started acting up again today, and I don't know why, as I felt it bothering me when I was walking around the supermarket today. And I've been burned out from TKD for a while, but to lose ground on the momentum I've had in progressing through my midterms, well, maybe it's a good thing that I don't have to stop training. We'll see. Hmm...maybe being a goodie-goodie all the time has its perks after all...

In the meantime, Drew had his first class where he was really learning IW#1 (aka In Wha #1), a new form. Drew continues to have problems where things get waaaay too loud around there, and some of the kids ki-hap and answer up a little too loud because they know it bothers him. Makes me want to smack those kids, and at the same time, pissed at myself because I forgot Drew's ear plugs again. Poor kid. LS, one of the student instructors, helped pull him aside and worked with him, which I made sure to thank her for that. She said she realized what was going on, and she just tried to help Drew as best as she could, and he did respond pretty well. Drew did goof off a little in class, but when it came to weapons (he's doing jahng bang/bo staff this cycle), I think he has a natural knack for some of it. Today they were learning this one variation on a #3/#4 strike, whereby when you switch the strike from one side to the other, you have to lean back a little so as not to hit your face, and then end with the bo staff, and whereas other kids didn't get it, he actually did listen to directions, and he did it without any further coaching, and could show JZ when it was his turn to show her how he practiced it. Go Drew! Later, he didn't want to do board breaks as it was foot week, and he doesn't like foot breaks. So, SW helped him with that, and got him to figure out the side kick. It took him a few tries, but he got it, and I think because she was in a good mood (she just got back from Nationals and evidentally medalled in some categories, as the medals were being shown off at the front desk-- cool), she was able to put him in a good mood and work with him, and get him out of the grumpies to get him to work on a new break which he'll need to learn soon enough for testing, and give him some confidence he needed to try. That was good.

Drew was also excited because he was recognized officially as a green belt tonight, getting his certificate and his first stripe on the new belt, so that made him happy. He was still a little grumpy after class, but I think it was because he was tired. He told me, for the first time, that he actually is interested in getting his black belt, but sometimes he really hates TKD. I assured him that very often I don't feel like going to class, and how much I get frustrated with my board breaks and not getting my form right, and stuff like that, but you just have to keep trying and trying and the instructors are there to help you out and reach that goal if you want it. But just hearing that he had ANY interest in getting his black belt tonight was a first. I think he's starting to get it about earning a rank or title to something. He is starting to understand the pride in putting in the work and getting recognized for it. Yay! It's about time that it started clicking in with him. Even with that, I'm not going to pressure him that he has to do it by a certain time. There's no rush. I'll help him any way I can to help him get to where he wants to be, as long as it's in a positive direction. That's what moms are for, after all. ;-)

So, I guess my training starts up again tomorrow rather than winds down. I think I might still cut back a little. I already have due to my new job, but perhaps I might cut back some more, perhaps until the weather gets better and stress is less. They are both affecting my asthma something fierce, and I don't know that my body can handle that too well. I'd rather take it easy and keep moving, y'know? Only time will tell.

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