Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Comfort Zone

After last week's "endurance-a-thon", which was truly a test of one's endurance for sure, I was glad that it was "back to normal" with SW back from Spring Nationals. As I mentioned yesterday, she had showed off her mammoth medals she got for 3rd place in two events. When speaking to her before class, I asked and guessed correctly that they were in sparring and weapons respectively. She said the weapons one was especially surprising, but both were a treat as she has not been training as much lately, so considering this was on a National level, it was a big surprise, so she was happy with the results.

Class was much better tonight. We still got a workout, but it's nice when your instructor paces things that those of us over age 29 and slightly out of shape but still something that the tweens and teens can still be challenged by. The pace was MUCH better, not the run-yourself-ragged workout, but still a workout. SW concentrated more on technique tonight than anything else. There were more adults in the class, even though they are color belts, but that's okay. Both of the guys who were the color belts in class tonight are really nice, and great to work with. For that particular class, I think I was the highest ranking adult, which I guess says something (although I wasn't the highest ranked student). One thing that I was working on tonight was learning a new release move for the SJB that NK was showing the color belts tonight. It's where you start doing a figure 8, but then do the release on the way up, and then when doing the other side of the 8, then you do the other release. Well, in theory, it's easy enough to do. I understand what needs to be done, but it's easier said than done. Why am I trying to do it, when I am particularly not fond of this weapon? Simple. It's RAZZLE DAZZLE. It looks good, and I have a 20 second freestyle at the end of my weapons form. I have a basic routine worked out, including some release moves, but if I could include that one, then it would REALLY look good. I think I have something to practice at the bus stop when I wait for Drew in the afternoons after school. Since this next midterm is one that counts because I have to break boards, I'm thinking that since the upset knifehand is hard to do, and I think it'd take too much time to figure out the reverse jump side kick, I'll work on what's "safe"-- the round kick, side kick and front kick with one of them on the "opposite" foot. Well, I've been playing with the idea that since my round kick break is with my "opposite" foot anyway, I'd do the round kick with my right foot (since I usually kick with my left), and the others with my left. But now, I'm thinking of playing it extra safe, and just going with what I know-- round and side with the right foot, round kick with the left. It's only the first midterm, so it'll give me time to work on the other ones. Sparring wasn't much to speak of. It was fine, but again, I'm mostly working with color belts, so it's not as much of a challenge, other than chasing the faster ones. ;-)

Instructor class was okay. NK was practicing her new bo routine for XMA using MY bo staff. That's fine. She'll take care of it, and at the same time, at least it's getting some use right now. We did some drills where we reviewed how to use our words to describe what we wanted for a particular move, so that was a good exercise. Generally it's a good class. As tired as I was, I got through, and got a chance to work on that figure 8 release move a little more after doing my form a few times. The knee is really acting up lately, even with the knee brace on. I swear, as awful as it sounds, I wish I could just get some surgery on it, but it's not "bad enough". Eesh.

So, I think that since SW was back (and in a good mood), and she understands us 29+ people well (since she is one of us), I really felt more in the comfort zone than, say, a week ago. This isn't to say that RA is a bad teacher. I just don't always like his teaching methods. I would rather move slowly and have jaw-droppingly incredible technique than be lightening speedy. Speed comes with time, and the more I practice good technique, it WILL come.

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