Saturday, April 26, 2008

Drew and In Wha #2

Today, we had a good day in TKD class. I know I don't write often, but when we have a successful day in class, then it's worth talking about.

Being that it's Saturday, I take Drew only to the forms specialty class. Yes, he should go to some of the others, but it's tiring, and he's not always the most cooperative, so if he's going to take any, it's going to be forms class, as that's what's most important at this stage of the game.

So today, they did several drills. I wasn't watching most of the time, but he generally behaved himself. I think part of it is that he wasn't by the mirrors to distract him so he could make faces at himself. He didn't listen to directions only insofar as when BP told him to put the pad down on the floor, he continued to toss it up and play with it. When BP removed it from his hands and put it where it was supposed to go, he kicked it away. Drew's partner, a very sweet little boy whose mother was signing him up for Leadership today (and this little boy will be great for it) went to get it and put it back. Drew kicked it again. I scolded him from the sidelines for that. He needs to listen! He does a lot of that sort of thing these days, whereby he hears you, but he won't listen, or at least obey what you tell him. It's getting rather annoying to yell at him constantly for that.

Anyway, after doing drills and some additional warmups, they did the first segment of In Wha #2, the new form of the cycle. After bowing in, etc. you turn to the side into a front stance, do an X-block, pull your hands back to load for a twin upset punch, do a jump-front kick, land, upset elbow, and reverse punch. Simple enough when you learn it. It's a little more challenging after the last cycle, but it's all good. Well, Drew took to it like water. He loves this form so far! He likes doing the jump kick especially. I also noticed, that again, when he's not by the mirrors, he actually pays attention, and so when BP was asking, "Okay, what step comes next?", Drew would actually answer up and answer up correctly. He was actually paying attention, and he was picking it up CORRECTLY. Last cycle, I really resented that I was fixing mistakes that he shouldn't have been making. I think I will be telling JZ in class on Tuesday to a) stop ignoring him altogether when he acts up, but rather whisper sternly that his behavior is unacceptable, and just to work with her as best as he can, and b) have her move him away from the mirrors during class. I know often he races to be by the mirrors so he can be one of the attendance card collectors, but after bowing in, she should move people around and make sure he's not near the mirrors so he can't goof off. It's a waste of her time and my time and money if he's not paying attention.

But Drew had a good day today. He was even practicing the form at least once on one side after class, he liked it so much. Let's hope it continues to go well like this for this cycle...

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