Friday, July 25, 2008

Definitely sidetracked again.

Oh bleeh.

I finally went to the chiropractor, because I felt like those Active Release Techniques would possibly help my hip. Well, it did, but it's just starting to help. I had to go to two sessions this week alone. The chiro I saw (I go to a pair of chiros, who actually specialize in sports chiropractics and use PT as well in their treatments) checked it, and the spot where it hurt actually hurt to the touch as well as from the inside. Yikes. As the chiro was touching the site, I would actually yelp in pain, which he's rarely seen me do like that. He told me there was definitely some sort of knot going on in there, and said that they will try some treatments to help loosen this knot up again, and if their conservative methods didn't work, then he agreed that I should see the regular MD about it. So, after a pretty thorough adjustment, he applied some extra heat therapy with the vibration things (he normally puts those on my back or shoulders, but this time it was on my hip), and then later worked some ultrasound on it to help loosen it up. I was then advised to get some moist heat on it, and continue that to see if it helped. So, I've got my first heating pad now that's stuffed in my shorts as I write this. I went for more ultrasound, and he said it seemed to be getting better from the feedback he was getting on the device, and it does feel a little better as well. When I asked if I could go to TKD yet, he advised not to go for a while, so as not to undo what we are finally fixing after a few months. Fair enough. The timing is right, as I'm finishing up this month, and between vacation and not being able to attend classes due to this long standing injury, I'm taking August off. It might be for the better. I'll have several more weeks to work on my weapons form when I get back, especially in light of my frustration with learning the form.

Sometimes, you get an injury for a reason-- it might not only be because you weren't careful when exercising or have an accident. It also be a chance for you to take another break, like a mental one, so that when you start back, you will be ready with both your body AND soul.

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Becky said...

Ouch. I Hope your hip feels better soon!