Thursday, July 24, 2008

Possibly Sidetracked again

I haven't usually let an injury get in the way of my training. Well, at least not too much. Oh yeah, I will say, "Sorry, I'm not doing that and modifying that because I'm afraid of injuring my knee/back too much again," or something because my asthma makes me slow down. But I try to keep moving, and as far as doing actual kicking and punching, I'm fine. It's when you start sticking in the cardio, or excessive jumping that I start to have problem.

So I've had some sort of injury since January. I think it initially started after we had a class (and I remember, it was January because I was still taking day classes, which I miss), and we were working on some sidekick stretches/exercises. Everyone's hips were hurting something awful, including my own. I just figured that in time, like any other muscle pull, it'd go away eventually.

Fast forward to now. During the past months, it's been okay, I still feel some soreness in my hip, but it's usually when I've been sitting for too long and then get up, it creaks and hurts for a little, but once I get moving, it's usually just a mild annoyance. But this past week, it's been tough. I can still walk, but the hip hurts enough to really bother me, and no amount of moving around will help. I've taken it easy, skipped classes so far this week, and even went to the chiropractors who specializes in Active Release Techniques (that helped with my bad back injury a year and a half ago) to get some help. Dr. B said there was definitely some sort of knot there, but I know it's bad because now it's something whereby if you touch that part of my hip, I'm starting to writhe in pain. Not good. So, some work was done with ultrasound and heat and adjustments to see if that helped. I go back tomorrow for some more of that. I also bought my first heating pad based on the recommendation of the chiro. (Hey, we get enough injuries around here that I figured it was about time I got one.) The decision was made by the chiros and I that if their methods didn't work, then I'd go see the MD. I'm just slightly afraid of what might be going on. It could be something as simple as some sort of muscle tear that just hasn't healed quickly or properly, and it's agitated now. But it could be something else.

Geez. As much as I've been frustrated with getting my BME form down, and even though I haven't otherwise been too inspired to go to class otherwise, I'd hate to think that this may sidetrack me again, since I took some time off for a little bit. I would like to at least get through August before I take another break, so I can at least get my mid-term in, y'know? It's a good thing I'm not competing, because THIS would not be good.

If anyone has any other ideas of what sort of thing this could be, I'm open to suggestions. It feels like a bad bruise from the inside when you touch it from the outside, if that makes any sense. There is no visible bruise on the outside, and besides, it's about 6 months old! I just hope I don't need a cortisone shot or something like that. I can deal with needles, but they are just not fun nonetheless.

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