Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Moving up is what's going on at my house. While I received my orange belt last week, I got the certificate of acheivement yesterday, and my official membership to the ATA card yesterday as well. So I am literally a card carrying member! Which is, as my son would say, sweet-cool.

And I might as well post about his quest for his black belt too. It was a day of joy and great relief today in his hopefully last Bear Cubs class. He was instructed that if he behaved today, he'd be allowed to graduate and then try the Tiny Tigers class on Saturday with me. Well, he behaved, and he got his junior Camo belt today. My son is two ranks higher than me, but that's okay. On Saturday, he's going to start learning the same stuff I'm doing, but we'll do it together to ensure that we can keep him in line. I'm excited about it, and I think he is too. He didn't take off his uniform and new belt until after his dad got home to see it. I think he' s pretty proud too.

In my new quest of Songham #3, I wondered why Ma'am wasn't teaching us more of the form. It's because I really have to get my stances down better and my hands better at just what I'm doing right now. Everything is very bent in TKD, which I'm not used to. Many years of ballet where I had to do everything long and straight now has to be undone. Oh well. I've got the main gist, although I will say that there is more concentration in hands than in ballet, which I have to be aware of. Legs are less of a problem, fortunately, but that needs work too.

One problem I'm having is that my knee is starting to act up big time. Kinda hard to do weight bearing bent knee stuff with a messed up knee. OUCH! Supposedly, I will build up quad strength, which will help, and I do hope that is will, because I don't want to have to deal with the pain.

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Anonymous said...

You bet you will build up quad strength. Do some balance exercizes, i.e. jump front kicks backward with the same leg over and over again. And then turn around and do it the other way. You will find that your form for Songahm 3 will improve as well as building leg muscle.