Saturday, November 19, 2005

It must be a trend or something. I took my first class since doing the number on my knee and ankle, and I didn't push it. Laura and I reviewed our form and our one-steps, and I know I pretty much have them down. Still no stripes though. Grrr. So, we were practicing board breaks, and Mr. Anderson was teaching me how to do a side kick to the board when a whelp was let out. A young boy, who I think is a black belt candidate, evidentally had jumped and landed wrong, or slipped, or did something where he really twisted his ankle badly, and understandably was crying. Mr. Anderson determined that he didn't think it was broken, and they were icing it down immediately, and he seemed to be recovering a little on the sidelines towards the end of class. Oh, and we did some sparring today. I sparred Winnie first, and she was helping me see that I was not covering myself with my other hand that much, and Laura was trying to whelp me big time, but it was kinda fun. I still suck at sparring, but I still feel like I'm learning from my "opponents" giving me advice, than from the instructors. That doesn't seem right, or as Drew would say, "that's not corrected". Oh well, I'll mention it to Ma'am on Monday. Drew has to come with me on Tuesday, and I hope Ma'am doesn't mind, because I really don't have anyone to watch Drew in the afternoon. I was hoping I'd be able to leave Drew with my mother for several hours that day due to parent conferences too, but she's only coming in the morning. That's life.

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