Thursday, November 17, 2005

No TKD for you! Still smarting a bit from the fall I took on Monday, where I twisted my ankle and hurt my knee, I ended up skipping TKD again on Tuesday. It's starting to feel a little better, so I should be OK on Saturday when I have class, provided I take it easy. I would've liked to try to go to Tournament, but I guess not this time around. That's okay-- if Mr. Anderson is there, I'll do fine. I think he's a good instructor.

Drew is the meantime is still trying to get the hang of Tiny Tigers, but managing okay for the most part. Even when they split the class up, his half is the bigger half, and I think he gets a little lost in the shuffle. He likes it, though, as I asked him if he'd rather switch to the Saturday class, and he said no, he likes the Wednesday class. Okay, if you say so!

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