Monday, December 19, 2005

Here's some totally random things. First, just as I was about to start writing this post, I realized that I meant to go to TKD class tonight and totally forgot. Oh well. I'll be in class tomorrow.

Second, I realized recently that I have this weird curiosity of mine while in TKD class. Don't laugh, but I am constantly looking at people's feet. Not in the sense of me checking their feet to see what they are doing, but rather the condition of their feet. I think it's because in ballet and every other sport I've done, people had covered up feet. This is a sport where people always have bare feet. And I'm realizing that for a person that spent most of her childhood bashing her feet in pointe shoes dancing, my feet are in pretty good condition. I take care of my feet in comparison to others, and I really don't even do that much! Or I look at the configuration/shape of people's toes. I remember seeing one kids very long foot, and I swear there was an eight inch difference between where the top of his big toe was and the top of his smallest toe, and his foot couldn't have been much more than 4-5 inches wide! (So think of things at an angle). It was kinda freaky! Or another gal I noticed the other day had long toenails. What's the point in that? You can't wear shoes comfortably. I cut mine way down from habits when I danced, and I could kinda see having your toenails to the end of the nailbed, but extending over your toes like fingernails? Ewww. I know it's weird, but I've always been made fun of my toes (well, JC does that), and I tend to have a squared off set of toes. They look pretty normal to me. But some people really do have monkey's amazing!

OK, enough of my weirdness, that really has nothing to do directly with TKD class, but something I do at TKD class.

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