Saturday, December 17, 2005

I don't like sparring. That's it. I have NO skills at it whatsoever, and either I'm THAT out of shape, or my asthma acts up, or both. I just tired out so quickly, and gasping for breath. Today, by the time I finally got my gear on, I only had one round, which was fine by me. It was against a black belt teenager who forgot her mouthpiece, not like I was going to aim for her head anyway. But she had no hesitation going for my head, and getting me a few times. It was more me fending her off than me trying to go at her. I was so tired and gasping for air after a little bit. I really hate sparring.

Stretches were fine. I'm relatively flexible for an old, fat girl. I only have 2 steps to my form, and I have it. It's so pathetic that I'm not taught more than that so I can concentrate on other stuff. When I went to get my weapons, I'm told that I'm not using the bahng mahn-yee (or however you spell it), but the numchuks, and then I ask, well, then why is Ma'am telling me that I had to switch? Oy. I practice both anyway, as it doesn't hurt. It just seemed disorganized today, but then again, it's a big class on Saturday. I was also told that I shouldn't be working on my foot break in board breaking, but rather a "hand" one, so a few black belts were teaching me one with my elbow. It's still new, and I'm pretty sure that I was doing it right. Oh well. Nobody seemed to know what I was supposed to be doing except me and Ma'am, and Ma'am wasn't there today. How annoying. I really do like my one-on-one classes much better. I get a lot more out of them, for sure.

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