Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Motivation and doing much better! Today was Drew's first class as a full Tiny Tiger, complete with his half orange-half white belt. They changed the new mantra for the cycle, and it went from goals to "discipline". That was a mouthful for Drew, and I practiced the word with him on the way home. If anyone needs to have more self-discipline, it's Drew! But then again, he's only 4 1/2 years old. He is learning much of the same stuff today as I was learning yesterday. I think he gets so excited that he doesn't always pay attention as he should, but he was still doing well. He was even doing better in the "noodle" exercises today. He didn't whack a kid silly like he usually does. I think it also helped that the class was smaller today-- about half the size. I think the older kids who moved up into intermediate levels, and were just plain older, were put in another class. That helped a lot, as that was really distracting, even for me in the peanut gallery with all the gossiping mothers about (I talk a little to some, but usually concentrate on my knitting instead). He did much better, and I think he's feeling really good about himself and enjoying TKD now. Over the summer, we weren't so sure, so I now know that the move upwards to the Tiny Tigers was the right thing to do. Today, he even got a gold star for his uniform for the 5 happygrams he got at preschool, and so he was very proud. A good day for Drew!

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