Friday, May 26, 2006

I am woman, hear me roar

Last night's class was pretty uneventful, so it's not really worth talking about. I have my form down SO much better, front board break a cinch, sparring, the usual, weapons still working on.

However, I got something that I've been waiting a month for, because I had earned it:

This is a very bad fuzzy photo of the trophy I earned for my 3rd place finish in Weapons from the last regional tournament that I participated in, that helped me get my 3rd place Weapons position for my age and rank in the state. Hooray! I would've loved to have gone home with it the day of the competition, like most everyone else that day, but better late than never! Both JC and Drew were impressed. Drew is looking forward to getting his little trophy at the next regional tournament this summer. :-)


John Vesia said...

Did they run out of trophies at the tournament? Next time, tell them you'll take cash instead! Congratulations on your placing.

[Mat] said...


ANd yes, do take cash instead :)